Original iPhone mint in sealed package hits eBay for $10K

Original iPhone mint in sealed package hits eBay for $10K
Do you just happen to have an original iPhone sitting around somewhere? Is it still in the original packaging, collecting dust while you hope that it will become a collector’s item? That time might be now, as not just one but two original iPhones have hit eBay, with Buy it Now prices of $10,000. Both auctions show credible evidence of the product (complete in shrink-wrapped plastic) and are being sold by sellers with 100% positive feedback.

Which isn’t to say that they will actually get ten large. The phone that is up for auction (as opposed to only the Buy it Now option) has not received any bids yet, despite the low, low opening bid level of just two grand. But if you do happen to have an unused iPhone hanging around, you might want to keep an eye on the actions to see if there are any takers, and what the final bid ends at.

And if you are in desperate need of an original iPhone in mint condition and are willing to pay… the source links will hook you up.

source: eBay auctions 1,2 via TechCrunch

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