Opera says iOS most effective platform for mobile ads

Opera says iOS most effective platform for mobile ads
Opera Software, producer of the popular Opera Browser, has released its first ever Opera's State of Mobile Advertising report. According to the report, Apple's iOS is the most effective platform for mobile ads. Of course, you can't just make a statement like that without quantifying it, which the software company did. During the second quarter, Apple averaged an effective CPM (cost per 1,000) of $2.85. That beat out Android which finished second with an eCPM of $2.10. The eCPM is a standard used in marketing by measuring what an advertiser receives for publishing an ad on 1,000 impressions. The Apple iPhone earned $2.85 on average for each thousand impressions of an ad it showed during the second quarter. iOS in total had a eCPM of $2.49 for the second quarter.

While iOS and Android battled it out at the top, RIM, Symbian and Windows Phone represented a major drop off in eCPM. RIM's eCPM was .64 followed by the .59 for Symbian and the .20 for Windows Phone. The most revenue per impression came from the Business and Finance category and doubles the profits from the next most advertised category, News and Information.

Besides OS, other factors determine if an ad will be effective. Large sized touchscreen models fared better in Opera's research while interactive ads outperformed ads requiring no viewer action. The Apple iPhone had the largest share of mobile ads, accounting for 43.54% of revenue and a 29.88% share of traffic. Android devices were next with 26.56% of revenue and 24.43% of traffic. But the most profitable device turned out to be a tablet, the Apple iPad with a eCPM of $3.96. Apple's tablet accounted for 14.26% of revenue and 6.86% of traffic.

The U.S. was the most profitable country for mobile ad publishers with a 73% slice of the mobile ad pie with an average eCPM of $1.98 beating out the global average of $1.90. Opera is the perfect company to release mobile ad standings based on its mobile ad platform that runs up more than 35 billion ad impressions per month. The company's network last year delivered  $240 million of revenue to mobile publishers.

source: Opera via AppleInsider

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