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Open webOS to find its first OEM development with LG in a television

Open webOS to find its first OEM development with LG in a television
LG will be the first major manufacturer to port Open webOS to replace their long-in-the-tooth NetCast smart TV platform. Ironically, NetCast can trace its introduction to the same CES gathering in 2009 that the original Palm Pre made its debut. Apparently this project has been underway for several months, and Gram has been leading a team to address several issues.

One of those issues of course is that LG will need more than just hardware to port Open webOS into, Open webOS needs apps. It needs lots of apps. It looks as though many of these applications, most, if not all of which the original webOS never had, are being designed as we write in Enyo. Services like Netflix, CinemaNow, Pandora and YouTube are all on the “to do” list.

Another issue that Gram is tackling is boot time. Anyone who ever had a webOS handheld will remember those devices take their sweet time to turn all the way on. One idea being worked on is that when the user turns the TV “off” the computer part remains “on.”

LG chose the Open webOS route out of three possible options the company was considering and signed an agreement with HP in June. LG also sent some L9 motherboards, the chipset LG uses specifically for their smart TVs, and some personnel to Sunnyvale to work with HP. Word has it that LG passed on Google TV because the company did not care for Google’s terms and also was concerned about the adoption rate of that product. LG also decided not to dance with Apple.

What LG has instead is an open platform with which, they can do as they please. They also found eager partners with HP and Gram. The goal for LG and Gram is to be able to show off an Open webOS TV at CES 2013. Hopefully the reception is strong enough that it makes a business case to actually manufacture a commercially viable product.

source: webOS Nation
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