Only 3% of cell phones are recycled

Only 3% of cell phones are recycled
Nokia released the results of a survey, based on interviews with 6,500 people in 13 countries, showing that most old phones are lying in drawers instead of being recycled. Just 3% answered that they recycle their old phones and 4% that they are throwing them away. 44% prefer just to keep the old gadget and never use it.

According to Nokia, one of the main reasons the phones are not recycled is because people are not aware of the fact this is possible. Nokia claims 80% of the materials in their phones are recyclable and the plastic is burnt to produce energy for the recycling process.

Markus Terho, Director of Environmental Affairs, Markets, at Nokia said, “If each of the three billion people globally owning mobiles brought back just one unused device we could save 240,000 tons of raw materials and reduce greenhouse gases to the same effect as taking 4 million cars off the road. By working together, small individual actions could add up to make a big difference.”

source: Nokia



1. kyle unregistered

so where does one take an old cell phone?

4. unregistered

I know my verizon store has a bin to recycle old phones I also believe staples has a recycleing bin.

13. chucknorris unregistered

att also has the recycling bins

2. unregistered


3. Damion unregistered

Recycle your old phone(s), save the planet, stop the global warming! LOL :D nobody will do that... cuz none cares about the consequences

7. unregistered

i do and i love you

5. unregistered

if you cant recycle at least sell your phone..i sold all my phones to other people on ebay..even 1 of them was like 4 years old and someone bought it, so im not exactly reclycling but at least someone is getting use out of it again. If you cant recycle it, sell it, its the next best thing because at least someone is using it

8. unregistered

thats selfish, why do you think of it as a good thing donate it the those who need it or recycle. selling it, how conceited!

9. unregistered

well, it's sort of recycling :)

6. C-Chickie unregistered

Wow.. never knew the actual facts about it. I just recently started donating my phone to battered women shelters so at least all my phone arent collecting dust.

10. unregistered

I keep one or two in a desk drawer as a backup. The rest I donate or recycle. Or sell on ebay. What's so bad about that?

11. unregistered

i probably have about 15 sitting at home if i sell them i'll spend more on shipping and make nothing and recycling sounds good i just keep forgetting to actually take the time and drop them its my little collection from the very 1st phone i got to my most recent lol

12. unregistered

You can also check your local area and see if someone is collecting them to recycle them into calling cards for the troops overseas.

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