OnePlus launches app that lets you share files across all your devices

OnePlus launches app that lets you share files across all your devices
OnePlus has just launched a new app that makes sharing files, text, or photos between your gadgets all that much easier, and they've called Clipt (not to be confused with Clipto, which offers an oddly similar function). 

The app essentially works as a third-party clipboard: anything you copy on your phone or computer that has Clipt installed on it, will become available across all of your devices that are using the app.

And that's not just within one brand's ecosystem: Clipt lets you copy your stuff across Apple and Android devices alike, and is available on any computer (PC, Mac, or Linux) with the the Clipt browser extension installed. The iOS app is still in the workings, but the others are already out and ready for downloading. 

For computers, Clipt is only currently available as an extension in Chrome: as long as you have one Chrome tab open, Clipt will work across your whole computer. The OnePlus software team is hard at work creating support for more browsers as well—placing their primary focus on Chromium-based browsers, such as Brave. 

Clipt is able to save up to ten of the last items you copied at a time. In order to be able to view and paste them on a different gadget, you need to have the devices in question connected to the Internet. 

The way Clipt works is through your Google Drive account, creating a temporary hidden folder there, which it uses to save the information to the cloud and make it accessible from elsewhere. Naturally, you'd have to be logged in to Google Drive on your devices. Don't worry: your data is encrypted so that not even OnePlus can access your files.

The app has been in development by OneLab, which is OnePlus' new software team which just barely launched a few weeks ago. Because both the team and the app are so new, it's normal to expect a few bugs along the way. The functionality is still relatively simple, and according to TNW, the notifications are still experiencing some delays—but so far, it seems to be doing the job.

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