OftenType keyboard extension for iOS 8 speeds up your text entry

OftenType for iOS lets you use shortcut buttons for commonly used phrases while typing
Tim Cook's decision to open iOS a bit more for third-party stock apps brought on a deluge of innovative keyboards that were previously reserved for Android users, and the new OftenType is no exception. OftenType is a custom iOS 8 typing experience that builds on the iPhone's stock keyboard with extra quick key tabs. 

The default set includes the most used and annoying to type shortcuts - email, name, address, phone, phrases to texting, signature, company name and security ID. Naturally, you can customize the labels afterwards, add new ones, or change the content of the existing auto tabs. There's even the ability to add more than one quick insert to a button, which are selectable upon long-pressing them while you type. 

All in all, OftenType for iOS is a pretty neat idea that adds functionality to your stock keyboard, without replacing its stellar layout and spacing. It is currently on a promo spree, too, costing a buck, instead of the usual two.

Developer: Artem PochepetskyDownload: iOS
Category: UtilitiesPrice: $0.99 promo

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