Nokia's 6205 Dark Knight Edition now for sale

Nokia's 6205 Dark Knight Edition now for sale
Starting today, movie buffs can purchase the Nokia 6205 Dark Knight Edition phone via the Verizon Wireless web site for $69 after rebate. We have heard about the 6205 a while ago, with features such as a 176x200 internal display, 1.3MP camera with flash, Bluetooth, WAP 2.0 browser, front music controls, and microSD support up to 4GB. The Dark Knight Edition adds a unique black styling to the phone, and comes pre-loaded with exclusive movie wallpapers, voice tones, animated screen savers, and even a full movie trailer. In the retail package, customers will find a Joker playing card with a code and link to the Fight for Gotham City web site, where they have a chance of wining Joker’s “bag of cash” containing $10,000. For those of you looking for the standard 6205 with metallic blue and silver color scheme, it will be available on-line and in-stores starting in July.

source: Verizon Wireless



1. unregistered

batman wooo

19. unregistered

every body knows spiderman is coolerthen batman

20. unregistered

spiderman is not cooler than batman. You're telling me that you would rather see a red and blue phone with a spider web on it then black slick phone WOW!

2. unregistered

ummmmm, this is kind of dumb. have to admit. I would have expected Nokia to make a more grand debut with CDMA and Verizon. Something like ooooohhhh I dunno... an N series device??? At least. I saw a guy in town with a huge batman symbol on his rear windshield and all I could think to myself is... "that guy must really have no life" Mine at least said "Im not tailgating, Im drafting!"

21. unregistered

come on dude im not tailgating, im drafting, thats lame wow you guys have nothing better to do than diss everyone u guys need to get a life

3. unregistered

that phone will be outdated right after the new Batman movie comes out...I can't see the point

4. unregistered

like this phone will adverise the new dark night movie obviously...... LOLZZZZZ IT!!!!

5. unregistered

Good looking colors, wonder how hard it would be to scratch off the symbol on the back.

15. unregistered

It comes with two battery covers, one with the dark knight logo and one plain one so no scratchy scratchy for you!

17. unregistered

its lazer engraved. wont come off

22. unregistered

nice reply dude i like that

23. unregistered

why did u guys by it if u dont like batman simple way to solve the problem, by the other version really dudes get smart

26. unregistered

hate to say it, but it isnt. its just printed on sadly.

6. unregistered

ya Nokia needs to release better handsets for Verizon such as the N series and E series. I was helping out this guy at my store(I'm a Verizon Employee by the way) yesterday with his bluetooth and he had an E90. NOKIA, WE WANT THOSE COOL PHONES! QUIT GIVING US GARBAGE! but I have to admit I do like the color of the 6205.

7. mkl4466 unregistered

The 6205 retail box comes with two battery doors: one with the dark night logo, one plain black. So even after the movie, the phone won't be outdated. I like the black styling better than the blue and silver, its got rubberized grips instead of being slick and shiny. I've played with the dummy handset of the blue and silver and its pretty nice. this isn't supposed to be a high end phone that'll rock the marketplace. Its a great choice for someone looking for a decently priced mid grade handset, like someone upgrading from an lg 8300 who wants all the same features. mass market customers love Nokia and itll be a good solid addition to the VZW lineup, especially if they eventually have a bogo on it. the black version really reminds me of my old lg-vx8600. I loved the styling of the phone but the usability and battery life sucked; hopefully the nokia software and signal will be as reliable as nokia always is, and this will be perfect for anyone replacing an 8600.

8. Khook30 unregistered

I only wish we could take these discussions about these phones to a higher level. Everybody loves to complain about VZW, how they never come out with new phones. However if anyone noticed these phones keep rolling out and they meet everyones needs. Worst part about the cell phone industry is not the phones just the people who don't know how to use them.

9. unregistered

And how does this phone meet my needs? Does it do corporate email? Does it run Windows Mobile for my applications? Does it have a QWERTY keyboard. Dont post if you dont know what your talking about. People complain about phones because everyone is different. That is what makes us individuals. People have certain preferences and that is why some do not know how to operate a phone. If no one complained nothing would change and everyone would have the same phone. If you ask me your a complete idiot.

10. unregistered

It may not fit your needs, However it will fit the needs of some of Verizons Customers. They have phones available that will fit the needs of any consumer.

12. unregistered

that was exactly my point in response to #9. Thank you for bringing that up.

13. unregistered

I agree with post # 11 if people don't complain VZW will still have the same crappy nokia phones, they keep rolling out new phones but if you look at it they are pretty much the same with the same menu and all, and still can't sync with outlook that my nokia phone 7 years ago can do it is time for them to wake up its 2008 and it took a class action lawsuit on the v710 for them just to unlock some bluetooth features on a phone. So if we don't complain then they would never come out with innovative products if people are content with the crap they bring out.

16. unregistered

I'm pretty sure that you dont NEED any of that stuff. That is just luxeries that make the phone better, but last time I checked QWERTY keyboards arent needed.

24. unregistered

totally agree; i hate having a QWERTY keyboard because they make phones so bulky. i'm switching from t-mobile to verizon (against my will, it's the only carrier that works where i'm moving) and i'll be very sad to leave my Samsung t509 to collect dust, but this will probably be my next phone.

11. lowman unregistered

wow! i was waiting for this!

14. unregistered

I have to admit that at first I was skeptical about this phone. But today the Nokia rep brought both the black and blue phones in and all I have to say is "watch out LG VX-8350!" It has an awesome feel with very smooth lines. Keeps in line with Nokias design and durability. This phone will not be an entry model for a customer rather it will be a simple looking phone with some excitement under the hood. $69.99 after a $50 MIR it will sure to sell right away. Bag3 nokia???? Please?

18. Kumar unregistered

Cool! I only wonder if they have the green gamma edition for The Incredible Hulk and crimson/gold edition for Iron Man...

25. Spud unregistered

Or Red, White and Blue for Captain America? -Seriously, I've been using a 6256i (the "i" stands for "I" can't believe I'm still with Verizon) for a few years now. I bought the 6256i phone at the beginning of 2006, but interestingly Verizon had locked all the features out of the phone for personal ringtones. A number of hacker sites were able to underground a copy of Nokia's proprietary "Nokia Diego" phone programming software (employee only), wherein the features of the mp3 ringtone were able to be unlocked. Unfortunately Verizon had permanently disabled the firmware allowing for personal music, so one can only play an album of music as a single Hugh-Jazz audio file which has to be restarted if anyone interrupts you (like with a telephone call heaven forbid). Yet at the time it was among the most compact Bluetooth phones, has FM radio, and allows moderate syncing capability with Outlook. Unfortunately, it isn't "Smart" syncing capability, as it doesn't understand recurring appointments and schedules any recurring appointment in you your calendar continuously until the calendar runs out of room. I actually couldn't care less about texting or web surfing, but calendars and appointments- a must have. Similarly, once you had synced once, you wouldn't want to do it twice, as the syncing software moved names in from Outlook as Lastname, Firstname to Firstname Lastname in the phone. If you tried to sync twice it read all the names as new entries back into Outlook! As I will not deal with such craziness again, I've decided to hold off and buy a real Smartphone. The problem: which phone? It is not going to be the Dark **** Probe.

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