Nokia alleges that HTC One infringes on its patents; sales ban possible

Nokia alleges that HTC One infringes on its patents; sales ban possible
Finnish handset manufacturer Nokia has filed with the ITC claiming that HTC is infringing on its patents. Nokia says that the Taiwan based HTC is trying to push off responsibility to its suppliers. The patents involved seem to deal with chips made by Broadcom and Qualcomm and are used on the popular HTC One. HTC's flagship Android model has sold 5 million units but could be part of an ITC exclusion order if Nokia is successful in court. This is the second Nokia-HTC case to be heard by the ITC with the first case set to kick off this month.

With Nokia handsets no longer the most popular in the world (that title goes to Korean based Samsung), the company is turning to its IP portfolio to try to get some cash. Another suit filed against HTC in San Diego covers three separate patents for a "terminal, method and computer program product for interacting with a signalling tag." Nokia alleges that HTC uses this patent in ten smartphones including the Facebook Home powered HTC First and the HTC One.

You might remember that last month, a court in the Netherlands held HTC blameless for the use of a dual-membrane microphone part for the HTC One that Nokia had an exclusive on thanks to a deal it had with ST Microelectronics. The latter mistakenly thought that the exclusivity period had expired and sold the parts to HTC in violation of a deal worked out between Nokia and ST Microelectronics. HTC is being allowed to use the remaining inventory of parts it ordered since it acted in good faith.

source: FOSSPatents via ZDNet

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