Ninja-slasher Shadow Blade out January 16 for iOS

It looks like Dead Mage's ninja-slasher, Shadow Blade, will land on iOS tomorrow, January 16. Previously, the platforming game was expected to launch in February. The version for Android, however won't be out this week, because the developers are dealing with issues across different devices.

Shadow Blade offers 40 levels, full of platforming challenges and enemies waiting to battle the ninja-protagonist. The game boasts detailed and fluid graphics, although it's not rendered in 3D. It's also styled after the violence and corny storylines of old Asian cinema, while its gameplay is similar to classics such as Castlevania and Shinobi. These elements combined sound like a recipe for sword-swinging-blood-splashing fun.

Shadow Blade will cost $1.99 when it reaches the App Store.


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1. jamesedward318 unregistered

The graphics kind of killed any chance of me buying it. Looks like it made specifically for Android. However I would like an update on when Clear Vision 3 is coming out.

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