Next generation JAVA technology for wireless services

Sun Microsystems Inc. today announced the completion of the Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP 2.0) standard and the availability of the final MIDP 2.0 specification, reference implementation, compatibility test suite, and beta version of the J2MEWireless Toolkit 2.0. MIDP 2.0 supports new and enhanced gaming, graphics, video, audio, security, and many other features for mobile devices such as cell phones and personal digital assistants.
More than 50 million Java-technology enabled handsets have already been shipped worldwide by major carriers, representing all the main wireless network systems, including GSM/GPRS, CDMA , PDC, iDEN, and W-CDMA.
MIDP 2.0 now brings the following new features:
••• Enhanced user interface: MIDP 2.0 improves the overall end-user experience with several enhancements to that make applications more interactive and easier to use. It also provides greater extensibility and a more flexible layout for increased application portability across a wide range of devices with differing screen sizes.
••• Media support: MIDP 2.0 allows developers to leverage the full audio capabilities of each device, adding audio such as tones, tone sequences and WAV files to MIDP applications using a standard platform.
••• Game support: MIDP 2.0 adds a Game API that provides a standard foundation for building games
••• Expanded connectivity: MIDP 2.0 adds support for leading connectivity standards beyond HTTP, such as HTTPS, datagram, sockets, server sockets, and serial port communication, providing applications different way to exchange data with back-end services.
••• Push architecture: MIDP 2.0 includes a server push model whereby MIDlets can be registered to be activated when a device receives information from a server. This enables developers to leverage the event-driven capabilities of devices and carrier networks, and easily include alerts, messaging and broadcasts using a standard approach in MIDP applications. Mobile applications enhanced by this technology will include news updates, stock trading, online auctions, and real-time messaging.
••• Over-The-Air (OTA) Provisioning: To ensure a standard approach to MIDP application deployment that works across a range of mobile devices, OTA provisioning is now required as part of the MIDP specification. It defines how MIDlet suites are discovered, installed, updated and removed on mobile devices and enables a service provider to identify which MIDlet suites will work on a given device, and obtain status reports from the device following installation, updates or removal.
••• End-to-end security: MIDP 2.0 adds a robust end-to-end security model, built on open standards, that protects the network, applications and mobile device. It supports HTTPS and leverages existing standards such as SSL and WTLS to enable the transmission of encrypted data.

Source: Sun Microsystems

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