News Bits: iPhone

News Bits: iPhone
The media/consumers continued their iPhone infatuation this week, with iPhone-related news coming thick and fast. The more interesting bits of news include:

1. Roughly drafted's explanation of the reasons behing the iPhone's connectivity woes - iPhones without the latest 2.0.2 firmware have faulty "power control" algorithms which result in network overload. Further explanation here.

2. Apple confirms that a security flaw which allows use of an iPhone even when the device is password-locked will be updated in September's 2.1 patch.

3. More photos are found on "new" iPhones. The last time we saw photos of an iPhone factory apparently taken by mistake, this time we have photos of a girl who is a Foxconn employee (and who is not enjoying the attention).

4. iPhone data plans are getting better - Canada's largest carrier. Rogers, announced that it willextend it's CAD 30-a-month data plan which allows 6 GB ofdata a month, until the end of September instead of allowing the offerto expire. Singapore's Singtel, after announcing ratheranemic data plans now allows iPhone subscribers to add 50 GBof data a month (download 1 Mbps/ upload 384 kbps) for just SGD 11.21(approx. USD 8). This plan became available in-store upon requeststarting from 28 August, although Singtel's iPhone page has not been updated to reflect this option.

5. Rumor: Steve Jobs emailed a Gizmodo reader saying that Apple is negotiating with AT&T to add a tethering option for the iPhone.



1. JDubReno005 unregistered

Gotta love the "Hype" phone. mean really how many software upgrades in the short time the 3G model has been out. Still no MMS in all the software upgrades, still no video! And really the worst battery life ever!! REALLY!! Don't get you panties in a bunch fan boys I know you will counter everything I say. The best answer to anything you do come up with is BLACKBERRY STORM OCT 13th!

5. JDubReno005 unregistered

ohhh no the fan boys are lose!!! Listen I love apple.. I just hate att. I mean really att and apple really don't even like each other, If you have a problem ...go to apple.... all hands off. Hence why Big Red turned the iphone down (yes they offered it to Verizon first)Can I ask a simple question. Why no insurance in the iPhone.... Sure apple care but that's just an extended warrenty. No coverage for lost/stolen/or the expected damage cat (I.E. water, dropping, ect) and if you do Jailbreak your iphone your applecare is worthless. I have a i touch and a curve, and until the storm comes out I plan to keep it that way.

6. JDubReno005 unregistered

This is more of a general question - I have been told the iphone can olny download from itunes while on wi-fi.... If this is true what the hell is the point of "3G" .... Just a question

2. Mjgio10494

Posts: 2; Member since: Aug 28, 2008

iPhone. What a joke :P I mean it's kind of cool, but it's too expensive. Plus with all the problems, why bother?

3. unregistered

"Worst battery life ever" that is not true. A lot of my friends and I have the iPhone and it gives us great battery life. We can surf the web, listen to music, watch videos, talk, send/receive messages, play games, and it still lasts long time; I do a lot of these things and I charge my phone twice if not once a week. When I first got the iPhone I was actually expecting a poor battery life because of all the apps and features but I was surprised to find out that I was wrong. So please stop talking by what you hear because most of the bad things people talk about the iPhone are not true. And when it comes to mms and video, the iPhone is capable of doing it. I downloaded the app and mms and video recording works just fine.

4. unregistered

If you idiots would all understand the power of 3rd party apps on the iPhone you would shut your mouths. EVERY thing you ALL complain about is available through third party apps/jailbreaking the iPhone. Sure you have to go through the process to jailbreak it, but then you have virtually ANYTHING you want. Emulators for practically any game, even get video and MMS. It wouldn't be so bad listening to peoples gripes about the iPhone but none of you know what you're talking about/dont' know about the great thigns JB'ing can do for the phone. There's also an application you can download to be able to shut things off that drain your battery life such as wifi, etc. when not in use. Know your facts before you start blabbin on haters.

7. Anomalies

Posts: 61; Member since: Jun 08, 2008

A lot of those things still cost, like the video camera. Why should someone have to pay for something that should be built into their phone? And don't tell me I don't know what I'm talking about, my roomate has an iphone and after jailbreaking it he had the option to download a video camera app for his phone, but no, he didn't want to pay.

14. unregistered

well your roommmate doesn't know what he's doing... jailbreaking is free. and all this talk about the warranty being void after you jailbreak it... NOT TRUE if you're an idiot and take it to the store jailbroken then you deserve to get turned away. reset it back to factory settings and then take it. i jailbroke my iphone, dropped it in water, the liquid indicator was still white. i reset it to factory settings and apple gave me a BRAND NEW PHONE! So all you gotta do is jailbreak the phone and it does so much that NO other phone on the market can do... yet!

8. Simdes unregistered

I think all the iPhone haters have some serious envy of it... Just like Hitler envied the Jews for having better jobs. You're all Nazis, you know that?

9. unregistered

since when is disliking a cell phone comparable to anit-semitism??? hmmmm ignorance probably runs in your family

10. unregistered

says the guy with lack of any sense of humour.

11. John Wee unregistered

"anit-semitism"? Is this your way of saying: "I'm a retard, shoot me"?

12. C-chicki unregistered

It kinda of sounds like something your parents tell you when your getting bullied in school. " They just beat in almost into unconciousness because they envy you baby"

13. unregistered

i feel sorry for anyone w/ an i-phone. why should we have to jailbreak a phone just for basic features.

15. unregistered

u say this because you don't have one... you don't even know what its like! jailbreaking is BAD ASS!!

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