New smartphones by Orange

At the MoDaCo Summer Event 2006 Orange showed some stunning smartphones. Surely one of the most thrilling ones was a prototype of the Samsung Blackjack – a 3G version of the i320 with a slightly changed design and camera for video calling. The layout of the keypad is slightly different and the shape of the control pad is changed from square to circle, but does not function as a wheel. Sadly, the device is not expected to be out soon.

, a new member of the HTC family was presented at the even, which will be distributed as SPV C100 by Orange. The budget smartphone handset, running on Windows Mobile 5, distincts with its 176x220 pixel display which is small for a smartphone nowadays. It will run on 200MHz OMAP 850 and its major drawback is the lack of a memory slot, but that's expected to be made for by support of the new Orange “SIM+” technology which enables special SIMs with greater capacity.

Other interesting devices that made their first outing at this event include the HTC Hermes, HTC MTeOR and HTC STRTrK, respectively know as M3100, C700 and F600 by Orange. The sleek M3100, the eagerly anticipated successor of the M3000 (Wizard), runs on  a 400MHz Samsung processor, featuring 2 megapixel camera with flash, 3G with Video Calling and HSDPA, a much improved keypad and added Start and OK keys. The C700 and F600 are Windows Mobile 5 smartphones, respectively being candybar and clamshell handsets.

HTC Hermes 

Source: MoDaCo
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