New music phone for Verizon, the Versa to get a game controller

New music phone for Verizon, the Versa to get a game controller
A user of ours has recently told us of an upcoming music phone for Verizon, which will go by the name of the Samsung U490. It will be the manufacturer’s latest music slider and will be roughly the size of the Venus. The phone pushes the resemblance further by incorporating a navigation touch screen and a standard sized display. Specs-wise, the U490 will not reach the extreme; it will be actually quite modest with its 1.3-megapixel camera. Still, you will not be able to run away from the sound wave that easily, for the U490 will feature a Bang & Olufsen speaker. The body will also sport a music-dedicated key that will directly lead you to the music player. Unfortunately, this will not be a BEAT DISC variation, but something simpler.

Enough for music, here is some good news for the mobile gamers! According to our reader, the Versa’s anticipated game controller is indeed on the way and as we were said feels pretty good actually. However, keep in mind that if it does not hit the market soon, it would most probably be because of an unbalanced weight and cheap-feeling elements.

Thanks go to our inside source.

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