New Pokemon mobile game to come out for iOS and Android


A fourth official Pokemon game called "Splash! Magikarp" is expected to hit iOS and Android devices sometime this year.

As you might know, Magikarp is one of the most iconic species in the Pokemon universe. In stark contrast with almost any other creature out there, Magikarp's single "Splash" ability is basically useless against other Pokemon. However, this apparently hopeless fish does have a hidden trick up its fin - it evolves into the giant sea serpent Gyarados, which is quite powerful.

A teaser website was recently released for the title, which includes a newspaper article that describes how two mysterious Magikarp-shaped holes suddenly appeared in a peaceful town. There is also a "witness testimony" from the fisherman who discovered these holes, and confirmation that an investigation was launched to reveal the cause behind this strange phenomenon.

The game is being developed by Select Button, and should be released in Japan this spring. Currently, the teaser website is the only source of information, so it is not clear if "Splash! Magikarp" will be released internationally.

via SlashGear

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