Netfront 4.0 browser for Windows Mobile takes aim at speed

Netfront 4.0 browser for Windows Mobile takes aim at speed
Of all the mobile platforms available right now, it seems like Windows Mobile gets a lot of attention when it comes to the robust offerings of mobile web browsers. Usually hailed as one of the better browsers available for Windows Mobile, Opera Mobile continues to evolve itself over its installments – easily leading the pack. Now Access’s Netfront browser will attempt to supplant itself as a formidable contender with their latest version focusing on some much needed improvements. Netfront 4.0 features JavaScript performance that is 20 times faster than the previous version (3.5). Combining that with smooth web page scrolling and animated zooming effects, it makes for an improved experience. So check it out once it's made available and see if its updated experience can pull you towards its grasp. You may never know, but it may just be able to make browsing on a Windows Mobile handset almost seamless like some of the other premier browsers.

via Phonescoop


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