NesEm packs old school NES emulator for WebOS devices

NesEm packs old school NES emulator for WebOS devices
It was only days ago when we started seeing a Gameboy emulator for WebOS powered devices, but now its bigger brother steps up to the plate packing some of Nintendo’s most popular games. NesEm is a Nintendo NES emulator for WebOS and was ported over by Kalemsoft – it’s capable of playing over 300 original NES games. Additionally it supports four channel sound, game saving, automatic speed adjustment, key config control, and anti-aliased image smoothing. Although it is already available in demo form through PreWare or Kalemsoft’s web site, it is closed source and will run $9.99 for a license. The only limitation to the demo is that it restricts you to only run ROMS that are under 40k and also has a time limit – so if that isn’t your kind of thing, we’d suggest getting a license to relive those nostalgic games. Now you’ll be able to play some old school games you’ve probably forgot about all in the palm of your hands.

source: Kalemsoft via Palm Info Center


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1. scorpio85

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searched for it on the app catolog and couldnt find it

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