Need to work out? Can’t let go of your iPhone? Try the world’s heaviest iPhone case, ToneFone

The idea is simple. Get a text, you get more fit. Need to answer the phone, you get more fit. Decide to update your Facebook status or upload a picture to Instagram, you get more fit.

That’s the takeaway with this 1kg (2.2 lbs) or 1.5kg (3.3 lbs) case for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s (no plans to support older models). The ToneFone is a dumbbell case for the iPhone. It is crafted of good old British steel, covered in a soft, durable rubber skin.

The claims from DesirableBody in the UK are that even the most basic movements will help you improve your muscle strength and endurance. So, why not add some resistance to even the most mundane of tasks, such as, using your iPhone.

Available in white, and soon to be available in gold and grey colors this summer, the ToneFone has a nice contour to it. Certainly it is not that uncomfortable to hold in the hand.  Naturally, it is not going to look so great in your pocket, and the same £22.90 ($38) you spend for the 1kg ToneFone (£25.40/$42 for the 1.5kg) could get you a basic set of dumbbells with interchangeable weights to work with.

Of course, that is not the same thing as working out and using your iPhone at the same time. Just be sure you switch between arms to keep the build-up of your muscle mass even. We will see you at the body building championship.



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