Narborion Saga is a fantasy gamebook app with gorgeous illustrations that "writes itself" as you play it


Remember all the fun times you had with adventure books while growing up? While mobile gaming has brought almost every game we enjoyed as kids to the smartphone screen, adventure books have stayed out of the spotlight recently. This didn't stop independent developer Liber Primus Games from pouring its strength and soul into Narborion Saga, a "fantasy adventure interactive narrative app". It's a digital game-book that "writes itself" as you play it. Dynamic storytelling, side quests and mini games aside, Narborion features completely gorgeous illustrations to bring the story to life.

The gamebook follows "the life of the story’s main hero, from his humble beginnings as a simple squire to uncovering his heritage as the one true king, who must unite eight different kingdoms into one single empire." In the beginning, players can select specific character class including a fighter, mage and priest. During the story, the character collects Fame points, which will determine his popularity, and eventually, the story's resolution. Along the way, you'll battle witches, goblins, dwarves and the undead with your weapons and magical spells. This will happen in the old-fashioned way - by rolling dice.

Narborion's story is written by novelist Francis Hora and Dr Tom Pollak, a professional novelist and former editor of Dragon, a popular Dungeons & Dragons role playing game magazine. It's actually the first installment out of several stories planned in the Narborion Saga. Readers - or should we say players - will "rewrite the fate of the story’s hero" through their playing. The players community will be engaged in ‘bard’ contests that invite budding authors, poets and artists to share their ideas on the game's website.

Narborion Saga will be available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, iTouch soon as a free-to-play app. It's up right now inside the Google Play and Amazon stores. Readers who register on the Narborion saga website will be rewarded with 350 gold coins they can exchange for equipment, spells or weapons when they download the book at launch.

Download Narborion Saga: Android | Amazon

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