NYC to ban taxi drivers from using any cell phones while their cab is moving

NYC to ban taxi drivers from using any cell phones while their cab is moving
New York City cab drivers are known to have one of the most dangerous jobs out there. Not only do they have to worry about would be robbers trying pull a fast one on them, they also have to worry about the grudge of NYC's bumper to bumper traffic. There are plenty of things we can list that could be considered dangerous to the average taxi driver, but they might not know they could be considered themselves as a risk. The city is cracking down on drivers that use cell phones or other distracting devices electronic devices while the cab is in motion. Although current laws only ban chatting away on mobile phones, one could still use a hands-free headset and not get in trouble. The new rule which is looking to have a near-certainty approval will likely go into effect by the end of the year – the new regulations will affect drivers that operate taxis, deliveries, limousines, and commuter vans. The only piece of technology that will be allowed are GPS units that are voice activated. First time offenders will get a $200 fine plus a mandatory TLC “refresher” course. If they commit a second offense, they'll get their license suspended and a much higher fine. Putting the cab in park will be the only time that electronic devices will be permitted. This new rule will definitely keep drivers alert at all times and keep those they are driving safe throughout their travel.

source: New York Post via Textually

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