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NVIDIA CES 2012 press conference liveblog

Posted: , by Ray S.

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NVIDIA CES 2012 press conference liveblog
Over the last year, NVIDIA became a major player in the field of mobile SoCs with its dual-core Tegra 2 processor. Actually, coming out of nowhere, NVIDIA managed to call itself the manufacturer of the first ever dual-core processor in a phone. Not only that, but the company also produced the first mobile quad-core processor to launch commercially - the Tegra 3 in the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime. It is because of these achievements that we believe NVIDIA can now be called a major force on the mobile market. What are these guys going to announce here at CES 2012? We'll find out soon enough!

Don't miss our liveblog - the event is going to start at 4PM Pacific, 6PM Central, and 7PM Eastern time! If you want, you can also follow it through our special Twitter channel: @PhoneArenaLive.

And here's a live streaming, courtesy of CNET!

Live event tracker

18:45Today, NVIDIA announces a new technology - DirectTouch.
18:42Huang: "Another amazing device from ASUS, this time for $249."
18:42They have not announced the name of the tablet yet. Strange announcement, we tell you.
18:41It seems it will be priced very aggressively - $249.
18:41They're now announcing a new tablet - 7" ASUS tablet with Tegra 3 and ICS.
18:39... which is a 2-year old market. Indeed, there are so many areas to be explored in this still very young field.
18:38Huang argues that they've been doing innovation in the PC industry for the last 25 years, so imagine what's in store for us with tablets
18:37Jerry Shen, CEO of Asus is on stage. This guy is the brain behind the Transformer's idea.
18:36"Today we're delighted to announce" ... "Tegra 3, Transformer Primer, Ice Cream Sandwich will be available today". Cool.
18:35NVIDIA CEO is now giving credit to ASUS's Transformer Prime - he seems fascinated by the tablet.
18:34He's even using a dedicated game-controller. Amazing, the game seems to run very responsively!
18:33Now, let's see if if these guys will be able to play Skyrim over the cloud using Splashtop... Geez, they actually run Skyrim on the Prime...
18:32Now, Huang is going to try and launch Skyrim on Android via the above-mentioned remote-control app. A professional gamer is on stage to help
18:28He's now exploring another cool app, Splashtop, allowing you to remote-control your PC from your Android tablet. Looks pretty good.
18:23Looks like we're in for some ShadowGun multiplayer! Wohooo....
18:22Yey, he'll now talk about first-person shooters on tablets.
18:19NVIDIA's CEO is now doing a quick recap of the NVIDIA Tegra Zone - you know, the special game store available on Tegra-powered devices.
18:16Apparently Snapseed devs have worked closely with NVIDIA in order to achieve better GPU optimization for the app.
18:14He's now chatting with a partner about a popular Android app - Snapseed.
18:11He's enjoying the locked 60 fps of the ICS interface, delivering an incredibly smooth UI... "smooth as the baby's bottom", as he puts it...
18:10He's now teasing us with the Transformer Prime running ICS.
18:09It's not going to be just Android phones and Android tablets, it's going to be one great Android install base.
18:08"Honeycomb was related to Android, but not the same as Android". And now, we should all be happy because of ICS - the OS to rule them all!
18:08Huang says that by introducing the Android tablet last year, they've effectively fragmented the Android ecosystem.
18:07He's now introducing the audience to his automobile experience. He's driving a "red car". :D
18:04He's talking about tablets now - calls them the fastest growing consumer devices.
18:03Aaaand NVIDIA CEO Huang is now on stage!
18:02Hey guys, Ray S. here doing this liveblog for you.

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posted on 09 Jan 2012, 18:37

1. OmarF82 (Posts: 17; Member since: 09 Jan 2012)

Love Tegra/Nvidia but i was about to post this press conf was so boring but then the MAGIC HAPPENS WOW

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