NAVIGON announces update to their iPhone app that offers 3D terrain view

NAVIGON announces update to their iPhone app that offers 3D terrain view
NAVIGON's MobileNavigator app for the iPhone is getting a significant makeover which makes it one feature-rich navigation app. In addition to extending their comprehensive functionality, the latest update adds three key innovative features that allows in-app connection to Facebook & Twitter, Panorama View 3D with 3D terrain views powered by NASA data, and personalized route deliver via NAVIGON MyRoutes. The biggest thing is the obvious transition to using 3D panorama view that displays maps through digitized cartography rendered from NASA's height and terrain data – it'll actually  delivers an accurate depiction of your current location and what lies ahead as well. MyRoutes will make all of your trips more personalized and makes recommendations with intelligent direction planning – it'll base it off of the user's driving habits, the day of the week, and time of travel to provide the preferred route. There's a special deal going on now for the regularly priced $89.99 app thanks to a promotional offer being made for MacWorld – you'll be saving some cash and only require $69.99 to download the app. That price won't last forever and will run until February 15.

source: Business Wire



1. nick315

Posts: 17; Member since: Feb 27, 2009

What happens if u already own this software, is it a free update?

2. JeffdaBeat unregistered

That was my biggest wonder when I purchased and downloaded the app. Regular GPS software requires a paid update. I wonder if that will be the case with this one. I actually wouldn't mind paying $9.99 or $19.99 for the update, but any more than that and I will take my risks...

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