Motorola expands ROKR line with three new handsets

Motorola expands ROKR line with three new handsets
It has been a while since Motorola have announced a new phone, but today it shows three models. All they are part of the music-centric ROKR series, which try to balance between a phone and a music player. All three feature 3.5mm stereo jack, Stereo Bluetooth, FM radio with RDS, and microSD slot for memory. EM30 is claimed to support cards up to 8GB (High Capacity) while the others just up to 2GB.

Motorola ROKR EM30 has been known for a while, as information on it appeared from the FCC in May. It is the replacement of the E8, with similar landscape display and “ModeShift” keypad, which shows numeric keys by default but music shortcuts when the player is used. It is pretty similar to the E8, quad-band GSM running on Linux-JAVA OS, with QVGA display and 2-megapixel camera.It also features USB 2.0.

Motorola ROKR EM28 is the clamshell model. On its front side when closed it houses the 1.3MP camera lens, a small black and white display and touch keys which are illuminated when the player is active. When opened it has 1.8” 128x160 color display. Motorola claims its music playback time is approximately 11 hours. EM28 is a tri-band GSM that will be available in both U.S. and Europe friendly versions.

Motorola ROKR EM25 is the slider, the smallest and (probably) cheapest of the three. It also has 128x160 1.8” display and 1.3MP camera. It is dual-band GSM but like the EM28 will be available in two variants for different markets.

All three are expected to launch later this quarter. EM30 will initially be available in Taiwan and then in other markets.

source: Motorola



1. Tyler Kleinle unregistered

Finally, motorola has woken up! I love these phones, I simply cannot decide whether to get the EM25 or EM28. Think about it, they're PERFECT rokr phones, 3.5mm jack, FM RADIO WITH RDS (the most important feature on a music phone) I WILL be getting one of these phones the moment they come out!

2. unregistered

ha these phones are ugly

6. hola89 unregistered

I agree, motorola is so stupid. They make these worthless ass rokr phones that are low end and BUTT UGLY. If motorola woke up and improved The god of the rokrs and personally I think the best motorola phone they made the Rokr E6 and improved the specs like 2.8 screen or higher, higher sreen resolution,gps, wifi, accerlometer, grapic chip, and kept the same ezx platform so u can hack it and mod it and sold it in AMERICA, NOT CHINA AND THAILAND they wouldent be in these situation. As u all can see they have no problem making these worthess ass phones if they just took some time and take there head out there asses and make some HIGH END PHONES WHICH THEY A PERCETLY CAPABLE of they wouldent be looked upon ass a crappy company

3. mjgio10494 unregistered

I like the slider one.

4. JC unregistered

these specs are shit... Motorola sux

5. Junior unregistered

Same ol' slider, same ol' flip phone. Come on Moto, you used to be someone.

7. szaldana

Posts: 19; Member since: May 20, 2008

Shame on Motorola. They should really try to focus on their customers by releasing something that's going to keep up with today's market and consumers. They should stop changing their current phones (ie taking the ROKR and making a slider version of it) and start focusing on new devices.

8. C-Chicki unregistered

Yes, shock and awe us

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