Motorola Z6tv gets price for Verizon

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Motorola Z6tv gets price for Verizon
We've showed you the Motorola Z6tv in the past, thanks to leaked images and information but now have the first hands-on images of the V-CAST capable slider. Although it is still not officially announced, the price is known and it should soon be available for purchase:

  • $229.99 with 2 yr. contract plus $50 Mail in rebate
  • $279.99 with 1 yr. contract plus $50 Mail in rebate

The SKU for the phone is MOTZ6TV.

The Motorola Z6tv also appeared on the Verizon Testman site.

Motorola RIZR Z6tv Specifications

source: Omie



1. unregistered

How does a person access the testman website?

2. unregistered

3. unregistered

what exactly is the testman site? Can you purchase phones off the site? Do all phones go on this site prior to the regular verizon site?

4. unregistered

The Motorola Z6TV launches on October 5th for anyone looking for a release date. And they are in the warehouse and some stores have them; just gotta see if online telesales or the store will break the street date for you.

5. Omie unregistered

The retail is $349.99. This phone is awesome. Ive had it for about 2 weeks.

6. Brad unregistered

Define awesome? Please! I am very much looking forward to this phone, I think..

7. RS unregistered

The only thing that disappoints me about this phone is that (at least according to the printed specs to date) it only supports a 2GB microSD card. 4GB cards are cheap now, 6GB cards just came out and 8GB cards will be out early next year. Could be a great mp3 player replacement otherwise.

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