Motorola X Phone is on track for Google I/O

Motorola X Phone is on track for Google I/O
Earlier an anonymous source sent us some information about the Motorola X Phone. We’ve checked with our source on the matter, and it looks like the information was not accurate. The X Phone is still on track to ship by it's original ship date, which is expected soon after Google I/O.

The biggest error in the earlier report is on the release window for the device. According to our source, Motorola is working hard to turn the company around since being acquired by Google, and the X Phone is planned to be released around the end of June to early July.

Our source couldn’t comment on a lot of the specs, but did say that the battery is Maxx-sized, which would put it around 3300 mAh, rather than the 4000 mAh in the rumor; and that we shouldn’t expect futuristic materials, but only specifically ruled out flexible displays, not sapphire glass.

We would also add that if the X Phone is on track for a Google I/O announcement and release by July, it’s unlikely that it would have the Snapdragon 800 in it. Remember, Google execs have already tried to cool expectations on the X Phone.

We’re going to be working harder to verify anonymous leaks to make sure we only bring you the best information.
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