Motorola Moto Z and the replaceable StyleMods surface in photographs

Motorola Moto Z and the replaceable StyleMods surface in photographs
We don't know what this means, but consider that this year Sony has stopped calling its high-end handset the Sony Xperia Z, and has switched to the Xperia X. Motorola has stopped calling its high-end model the Motorola Moto X, and is now calling it the Motorola Moto Z. A strange coincidence to be sure. Speaking about the Moto Z, the latest image of the device has leaked. Once again, the photo reveals the large camera lens that we have seen on the back of the phone in other leaks.

Included in the photograph (and seen in other pictures included with the leak) is a number of replaceable rear covers for the phone called StyleMods. These can be quickly put on the back of the Moto Z to customize the phone. The materials employed include leather, ballistic nylon, and wood.

Motorola is also expected to go the modular route this year by offering the MotoMods. Unlike the aforementioned StyleMods, these add new functionalities to the phone by connecting the MotoMods to the 16-pin port seen on the bottom of the Moto Z. One of the MotoMods turns your Moto Z into a camera by including a dedicated shutter button, a lens cover and possibly optical zoom.

The Moto Z is expected to feature an AMOLED screen that employs the shattershield technology used to make the display on the Motorola DROID Turbo 2 "shatterproof." We will know all on June 9th when Motorola is expected to unveil the Motorola Moto Z and all of its accessories.

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source: +HelloMotoHK via MobileXpose



1. Rafishant

Posts: 396; Member since: Oct 13, 2015

It looks much thicker than 5.2 mm!

22. sgodsell

Posts: 7365; Member since: Mar 16, 2013

It would be nice if at least a few of those stylemods contained wireless charging.


Posts: 1168; Member since: Oct 05, 2015

Yikes, it would seem that it's true after all. The new Moto phones have lost most of their curve on their back. This makes them less ergonomic and uglier.

5. Bankz

Posts: 2543; Member since: Apr 08, 2016

You get the curves back when you clip the theatre Mod (pico projector) on it.. There you go

3. markpowervr

Posts: 31; Member since: Dec 22, 2015

i like the build of this, clean looks and the camera has a stylish look, hope it performs well and this would be my next phone

20. MingLiangChen

Posts: 329; Member since: Jul 06, 2012

Still kinda wish the StyleMod is the battery module at the same time (make the swappable back cover curved with a battery inside)

4. Bankz

Posts: 2543; Member since: Apr 08, 2016

You want a crazy thin raw metallic phone? Go Moto Z. You want a thicker phone without the protruding camera? Go Moto Z (Style Mod). You hate the material, look and color of your phone and want to customize your phone? Go Moto Z (Style Mod). You want a better camera than the traditional smart phone camera? Go Moto Z, (Hasselblad camera Mod). You want real speakers not usually found on phones like bose, JBL? Go Moto Z, (Stereo Mod). You want a killer battery that lasts 2 days or more attached to your existing battery E.g 5,000mah? Go Moto Z (Power Mod). Your recent flagship phones are stale and lacking in killer features and excitement? Go Moto Z (Pico projector Mod). You need dual cameras with wide angle lens and some ruggedity? Go Moto Z (Adventure Mod) You also more on your phone like card readers? Game controllers? Laptop dock? Physical keyboard? Etc..? Go Moto Z. You want more possibilities on your phone? Go Moto Z.

6. Swordylove

Posts: 209; Member since: Jun 27, 2015

I want small smartphone with water resistance.

9. foscrew

Posts: 20; Member since: Apr 24, 2015

Nice shilling for nonconfirmed extras.

19. MingLiangChen

Posts: 329; Member since: Jul 06, 2012

I almost believed all these because I read the comments before reading the article. lol. Read comments first because I know there will be people who reject this design right off the bat.

7. BradyCrack

Posts: 835; Member since: Dec 29, 2015

Most ugly phone I've ever seen.

8. Bankz

Posts: 2543; Member since: Apr 08, 2016

PA we know you already have the phone. Why not show us some love and post some annonymous leaks ;)

10. NoAllegiance unregistered

I guess Motorola wants you to use the mods, hence the protruding camera.

11. Mxyzptlk unregistered

This looks hideous. Motorola is officially dead in my opinion.

23. sgodsell

Posts: 7365; Member since: Mar 16, 2013

You only use iPhone, so we really don't need your opinion.

12. koby11

Posts: 2; Member since: Feb 22, 2015

Where are 2 front stereo speaker?

13. NoAllegiance unregistered

Only one speaker on top, also acts as earpiece. You would have to use the JBL Mod for a boost.

15. SupermanayrB

Posts: 1188; Member since: Mar 20, 2012

Did you ask skeete where are the 2 front speakers but the images are of the back of the phone?

14. SremmLife

Posts: 30; Member since: Mar 01, 2015

Is it bad that I kind of love this? :O

16. Bankz

Posts: 2543; Member since: Apr 08, 2016

Nah, most people secretly love it but wouldn't want to admit it.. You know the akward moment when you bash leaked images all day long only to be put to shame when you find out that the real phone knocks it outta the park..

17. foscrew

Posts: 20; Member since: Apr 24, 2015

That still doesn't mean everyone likes the design.

21. MingLiangChen

Posts: 329; Member since: Jul 06, 2012

Congratulations for loving it, not just liking it.

18. MingLiangChen

Posts: 329; Member since: Jul 06, 2012

Much better than using a hairdryer to blow our Moto X just to pull out the back cover.

24. pipinstine

Posts: 6; Member since: Dec 15, 2015

This device reminds me of the HP Elite x3 for the fact that they are trying to do something different and out of the box a bit. The design is a really cool look and the fact that it will be metal is what I like cause it's sturdy and premium looking. The thing that has become the norm that I don't like is the bulging camera. If you set it down and slide it the camera has a high possibility of getting scratched. Thin is not needed so much because the phones are already thin, make the camera fit in the chassis already.

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