Motorola Moto X first camera samples showdown

Motorola Moto X first camera samples showdown
Being the newcomer and all, we’re all curious to see how the Moto X fares when it comes to snapping quality photos with its 10-megapixel Clear Pixel camera. Who knows if the technology behind it actually all come together to produce those crisp photos we saw during Moto’s briefing on the handset in New York City, so we decided to take it out for a quick spin. However, we decided to also bring along a few other of its notable competitors – the iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S4, and Nokia Lumia 1020.

Needless to say, all those aforementioned smartphones all hover around the top of the mountain when it comes to picture quality, so it’ll be interesting to see how the Moto X quickly fares against them. So what do you think about its quality? We’ll be testing out the fancy termed camera more in-depth over the next few days to really get a sense of what it’s able to produce.

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