More than a million iPhone 3G sold

More than a million iPhone 3G sold
Steve Jobs proudly announced that more than a million units of the iPhone 3G have been sold just for the first three days. It took 74 days for the original model to reach this number, but it was available only by AT&T in the U.S. The new iPhone 3G can be ordered in 21 countries around the world, which helps for its bigger sales.

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23. Mrinal unregistered

iPhone is still not launch in the Indian market. The expected thime is last september this yr. If the same price tah reamin i.e. $199 then i m sure that at last 1 million or more will be sold in India markt only. Phone with siilar feature in India start at a min of $350-$400. So everyone would like to save at least $100. Pricing of the phone will be a great deciding factor for this phone to check the market.

16. unregistered

I live in Dc a major city...reception is perfect.....At&T rocks so does the iphone.....HAHAHAHHA....

19. unregistered

dc isnt even a city idiot....considering vzw is an eastcoast based company they blow att's coverage out of the water, especially in dc.

20. unregistered

i dont think so my verion phone did not work in dc.. At&t rocks

15. unregistered

Yes, Verizon is really shitting in their pants (*eyeroll*). Enjoy your iPhone that doesn't work--trust me, I'd know, as I used to have one. It really is a cool phone, too bad at&t is the worst carrier on Earth, as consistently evidenced by J.D. Power & Associates, Consumer Reports, etc. (the list goes on...)

18. unregistered

They are actually the best on the EARTH. This would be evident by their largest coverage area which is based on worldwide coverage, eat it sucka!!!!!!!!

22. unregistered

att is better than verizon!!! you verizon fanboys suck!!! go do something else with your life than talk crap about iphone and att.

14. endlessz unregistered

i hope iphone sells well in the other 22 countries as well.. btw.. is this guy talking to himself? he must be crazy o_O" btw ure the same guy who kept on commenting on n96 section of gsmarena, damn annoying

11. unregistered

Thunder i can't hear you....iphone fanboys i c.....Vzw is shittin their pants

12. unregistered

fad anyone?

13. unregistered

Ha Ha Ha Ha thats funny and number 11 i agree with you 100%

17. unregistered

wow number 11 has personal issues, maybe yu cant hear the thunder because you blinded by oversight of this crappy rerelease of something that should of happened in the first place, what kind of inovative phone has to release 2 modles just to get it right, perhaps thunder will take there time and not get eaten alive from cm tired of going broke on the same phone. think about it.

21. unregistered


6. unregistered

Anyone have this phone? Hows the call quality with ATT. I have verizon and I'm scared to switch just for that reason. I live in NY by the way....

8. unregistered

You live in New York for God's sake. No matter which carrier you choose you are going to be covered. Now when it comes to the iPhone I've had it for almost a year now and I always great clear voice quality and full bar receptions no matter where I go (I travel the country a lot). So just give it a try, I 'm sure you'll be loving it right away.

10. unregistered

I was in brooklyn for past few days and my 3g iphone worked great. It's speedy and google maps worked great. Voice quality is really pretty nice, I'm a former VZW user btw. This is my first iphone and I went for it, glad I did

5. unregistered

clearly, # 1 is a vzw employee or a customer. Too bad ain't no other carrier gonna for 4 more years atleats.

9. unregistered

i actually own an iphone

4. RgmusicGeek

Posts: 2; Member since: Jul 14, 2008

Are they really making any money on this Phone i mean really with all of the Tech. packed into it glossy black or white casing. What do you think is the take home per unit?

24. unregistered

they make a crap load, each one costs att over 200 dollars in addition to the 199 price.

1. unregistered

an intimidating number to be sure, but its fairly unimpressive when you realize that at&t sold 700,000 last year on launch weekend. this time around apple made it available in 21 more markets, upped the launch by 10 hours and cut the price by 1/3 (8gb launched last year at $599, its only $199 this time around.) if i were apple id have set a minimum goal of doubling sales, but they barely increased 40%

2. unregistered

40% on a phone with minimal upgrades? i think thats DAMN good. thats like a harry potter book going on sale a year later with a glossy hard cover and selling another million

3. unregistered

^ wow great analogy

7. unregistered

^really good analogy.

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