Mobiado Stealth is luxorious

Mobiado Stealth is luxorious
Mobiado Stealth is a new luxurious phone, inspired by military Stealth aircrafts and following the line of its predecessor, the Luminoso. It is made of solid aluminum and sapphire crystal in an extreme fashion, resembling the Vertu phones. Other than the design though, there aren’t many impressive specifications and the Stealth has the functionality of a typical mid-level phone.

source: Mobiado via Gizmodo



1. Steven unregistered

This phone is hideous. How is it luxurious?

2. unregistered

Same here. My rotary phone looks sexier than that.

3. unregistered

looks like a brick with glue drops on it

4. Bad unregistered

Very ordinary looking. I don't get it!

5. mark unregistered

I hope it is stealth and I never see it again it looks like an old RCA tv remote

6. Duh unregistered

Luxorious? mean in like the Luxor Hotel in Vegas?

7. Sexy Steve unregistered

It is extremmely luxurious.....cant you tell. Think about this: Stealth technology on a cellphone. That has got to be the sexiest thing i have ever heard. Who cares that you can't actually use it as a phone. It's fashion! Come on people!

8. Bg unregistered

i cannot find 1 reason for callin this phone LUXORIOUS. The phone which resembles me of WALKIE TALKIE which was used in the Vietnam war.Pls dont tell us in the future article abt this phone dosen't even have a color screen coz the makers want to have a military look.

9. dreek unregistered

luxorious my ......@# this is a ugly phone

10. unregistered

You guy don't get it...this is a heavy duty phone

11. Kai unregistered

Or maybe its for those people who appreciate art.

12. RKing unregistered

This phone I think is actually pretty cool. It has a good concept and very modern tone.

13. jrcrow unregistered

lol!..could be for Canadian people eyes only! never know what they see in phones..hehe

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