Minecraft Reality for iPhone brings your blocky creations to life

Minecraft Reality for iOS
What happens when you put together an awesome sandbox game like Minecraft and a geek-oriented technology, such as augmented reality? Well, that's when you get apps like Minecraft Reality, developed by 13th Lab in collaboration with the game's creator, Mojang. 

The software allows Minecraft creations to be layered onto video feed from a smartphone's camera, and the end result is pretty impressive, judging by what is being demonstrated in the video below. Once the object is in place, the user can simply walk around and view it from all angles, as if it were really there. 

For example, imagine placing a virtual replica of the Millennium Falcon in the middle of the park – Minecraft Reality makes that possible. Moreover, stuff made in Minecraft can be positioned at specific GPS coordinates, so that other people from around the world can check it out.

Sounds pretty cool doesn't it? In case Minecraft Reality got you interested, you can check it out at the Apple App Store, where it is priced at $1.99. 

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