Mid-range smartphones to be focus of HTC says CEO Chou

Mid-range smartphones to be focus of HTC says CEO Chou
HTC CEO Peter Chou was in Taiwan to help launch the HTC Hero with Chunghwa Telecom. The device is being given out free to those who sign a two year contract for the equivalent of $53 U.S. Dollars monthly. While in Taiwan, Chou spoke with DigiTimes and revealed that the manufacturer's focus will be on mid-range smartphones for the balance of this year. Shipments of such handsets, with a retail price in the range of $300 U.S. Dollars, will comprise 50% to 60% of devices delivered in the second half of 2009. Chou also let it be known that the HTC Magic, on the market since April, has passed the 1 million mark in sales since its launch.

The HTC Hero is an Android powered device that is the first to be offered by the company with the Sense UI. It is also the first Android handset that has a browser equipped with flash. As we reported recently, a CDMA model of the Hero could be making its way Stateside to Sprint on October 11th.

The Taiwanese manufacturer has been busy. Another one of HTC's most desirable models, the Windows Mobile powered Touch Pro2 has been launched in the U.S. today by T-Mobile. The phone costs $349.99 with a 2 year contract.

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source: DIGITIMES via BGR



1. Kiltlifter

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Too bad people don't see the value in a smartphone and carriers that started discounting phones at rediculous prices ruined it for the rest of the US market.. ::: cough AT&T and iPhone, cough :: I remember when people paid $299-450+ for their Tilts and Titans just 2 years ago, and now they expect the iPhone and the Touch Diamond series phones to be $200.00... really? If you don't see the value in a device that does more than your computer did in 1999-2001 then you don't deserve to own one, and odds are you don't appreciate the device you have because it is so under valued. The hardware and innovation and R&D that Apple and HTC spend and put into the iPhone and the monster line-up HTC puts out cost millions, and you want the phone for under $200.00... You know what is going to happen now, is that the expectation of " getting more for less" is going to trickle directly down into what the manufacturers put into their devices... The iPhone 3GS already has problems not working when it gets above 94 degrees, and HTC devices are known to have high quality parts... Do you morons that think that smartphones shouldn't cost more that $200 want your smartphone to have the quality of a motorola razr? Or... would you like your device to work... and work DAMNED well? You get what you pay for, and if you don't want to pay for a good device, get prepared for crap. End of Story.. and the fall into crappy innovation begins now... Poor HTC, and poor us as consumers... let the crap-fest begin.

2. mickuza

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Just build your own phone

3. MTLance unregistered

Yo, dude! You can choose which manufacturer to buy phones from, do you know that tieing down with contract subsidized phone cost more than you think i.e. $1500-$2000+? I always prefer to be non-contract because of Telcos is milking the consumer and the consumers are the one that make Telco fat and rich.

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