Microsoft’s plan to solve voice commands — whisper instead

Microsoft’s plan to solve voice commands — whisper instead
Voice controls have been around for a while but these days almost every new device is listening for your verbal commands and executing them with various accuracy. Despite the convenience this offers (when working properly), most people are still hesitant to talk to their gadgets, especially when there are other people around.

It appears that none other than Microsoft has decided to tackle that issue and put an end to the awkwardness that follows when a device doesn’t understand what you mean. A new patent by the company, revealed by WindowsCentral, shows the direction in which Microsoft is working. The solution? Ultra-quiet whispering.

It’s a bit more complicated than that, however. The proposed technology is not just some super-sensitive microphone. Instead, it relies mainly on the air movement caused by your mouth when giving the commands.

According to the descriptions in the patent, the proposed module can be incorporated into all sorts of smart devices, from phones and smartwatches to something as small as a ring or even a pen.

And while this brings us one step closer to James-Bond-level gadgetry, the idea of whispering to your watch doesn’t sound much more appealing than just saying commands with your regular voice.


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