Microsoft to eliminate an exploit that allows Android to run on Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft to eliminate an exploit that allows Android to run on Windows 10 Mobile
If Microsoft wasn't so adamant about preventing one Android based bug from being exploited by Windows 10 Mobile users, those provided the right tools from Microsoft would be able to run Android on their Windows 10 Mobile powered handsets. Think about all of those Android flavored apps not available for Windows Phone, that these Windows users would be able to enjoy.

A bug in the Android Runtime allows the Android platform to run on Windows 10 Mobile, a prospect that worries Microsoft because Android is considered less secure than Windows Phone is. A video that we embedded below shows Android 5.0.2 in action on a Nokia Lumia 830.

Microsoft is eliminating the exploit so that current and future versions of Windows 10 Mobile won't be able to run Google's open source OS. But even if the crew in Redmond decides for some odd reason not to close this opening, the company would still have to provide Windows 10 Mobile users with proprietary tools that only Microsoft owns, in order for Android to work on their phones.

If you favor Android, it would seem that your best bet is to, well, buy an Android phone! 

source: WMPoweruser


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