Microsoft shows the power of IE9 in Mango using another proprietary test

Microsoft shows the power of IE9 in Mango using another proprietary test
One of the few lessons from high school that has stuck with me until today is when my math teacher said, "When someone opens with the phrase 'Statistics say...' they are about to lie to you." That same sentiment can easily be applied to the browser wars. If someone starts by saying, "The browser tests show..." it's a pretty high likelihood that whatever follows isn't necessarily honest. That said, the news: Microsoft has a new video showing off IE9 in Windows Phone 7 Mango trouncing BlackBerry, iOS, and Android in the now famous fish bowl test.

Of course, the fish bowl test was created by Microsoft, so it's tough to take the test seriously. Much like when people point to the Acid3 test on which almost no browsers have received a perfect score other than Opera. Why? Because Opera made the test. But, aside from creating the test, Microsoft was pretty fair in the setup.

Microsoft pitted a BlackBerry Torch against a DROID Charge, an iPhone 4 running iOS 5 beta 3, and what looks like an HTC HD7 running WP7 Mango. It's nice that at least the hardware is about on par. And, it's nice that they used iOS 5, although it seems that they could have grabbed a Gingerbread Android phone just to have the newest software all around.

Enjoy the video!

source: WMPU




Posts: 38; Member since: Jun 14, 2011

nice update

3. Dr.Phil

Posts: 2488; Member since: Feb 14, 2011

It actually looks more like an HTC Trophy or Surround. Notice how the screen size is smaller than that of the Samsung Charge. If it was an HD7, it would have the same screen size.

4. M0nkeyBr unregistered

And I still wont buy it

5. shannbholla unregistered

I agree with monkeybr. Windows 7 has a very nice os, but its too late. Apple and Android have taken over.

6. SemperFiV12

Posts: 949; Member since: Nov 09, 2010

HTML5 beasting..... Im just a little displeased that there is no flash.

7. Mrpither unregistered

Never too late for something better. Often too soon to give up.

8. Issak unregistered

Great to see such good support with HTML5, especially seeing as it is obviously getting closer to what flash is. I have a HD7 and love it, can't wait for the Mango update! Does anyone know the URL for this?

9. qphase

Posts: 3; Member since: Jul 14, 2011

I don't think that it's over.ok Apple Iphone is good but very expensive for what is offering but Android is nothing special.I have a HTC 7 Trophy and it's a great phone, I can't wait for the Mango update

10. Zietus unregistered

Spot On! Mrpither.

11. snowgator

Posts: 3621; Member since: Jan 19, 2011

I am completely sold on W7. I am not sure if I can convince my Wife to upgrade yet, so I may have to wait until November. Mango looks like a beast of an upgrade. Microsoft and Nokia will spare no cost in promoting it. I am very excited.

12. snowgator

Posts: 3621; Member since: Jan 19, 2011

By the way- the Mango update may be as soon as September. With all the news and demonstrations of it out there, this isn't a surprise. But Phonedog just posted a story where winners of a contest Microsoft is running will be awarded a new Mango updated phone in September.

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