Microsoft Surface RT to hit retail stores very soon; "Droid Rage" promo backfires

Microsoft Surface RT to hit retail stores very soon; "Droid Rage" promo backfires
When Microsoft worked out its business plan for the Microsoft Surface RT, it expected to originally offer the tablet online and then broaden distribution to retailers by the beginning of 2013. But there is speculation that the tablet will start appearing in retail stores soon. How soon? Try the next several days. The crew in Redmond is dying to widen the availability of its traditional tablet and Apple iPad competitor beyond the web site where it has offered the device since its launch.

Besides passing along this this talk of retailers offering the Microsoft Surface RT, Windows IT Pro says that those reports that said that the device was selling poorly were incorrect. The tablet has sold very well, according to the site, and has certainly done much better than the 500,000 to 600,000 units sold that the bearish reports claimed. But even Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer characterized the tablet's sales as "modest" last month. By selling the tablet in retail stores, Microsoft hopes to improve sales by making them easier to buy.

And remember the other day when we told you that Microsoft wanted you to tweet them your worst malware based Droid Rage story? Apparently, this promotion has backfired as Android users have taken to Twitter to send tweet bombs to Microsoft. A couple of funny examples: "Whoops. Just activated another million devices today. Sorry, @windowsphone.#DroidRage," read one tweet. "I wish my Android phone crashed more often like Windows. #DroidRage," read another. Microsoft's promotions generally have done well, liked #SmokedbyWindowsPhone, but it might be a good idea to pull the plug before Microsoft's Ballmer goes into a rage.

source: WindowsITPro via Electronista

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