MetroRadio app for Windows Phone brings Pandora's presence unofficially

MetroRadio app for Windows Phone brings Pandora's presence unofficially
Are you a Windows Phone user who managed to fall in love with Microsoft’s mobile platform, but is distressed about the fact that it’s still lacking a Pandora app to get your music groove going? Well, it seems that Pandora has unofficially entered the Windows Phone arena now that a third party app is available for download – bringing some much-needed musical tunes to some users.

If you happen to search for the MetroRadio app on the Windows Phone Marketplace, you’ll find that it’s a nifty thing since it’s essentially a full featured Pandora app. Yes, we’re still waiting for those guys over at Pandora to knock out an official app, but at this point, it’s hardly known if that’s going to happen. Nevertheless, the MetroRadio app should appease your needs in the meantime.

Being a free download and all, it’s undoubtedly one of the mandatory Windows Phone apps you’ll need to get. In addition, it boasts all of the features that we find with Pandora in general – like being to thumbs up or down a song. Even better, it’ll continue running in the background if you happen to switch to another app. So what’s holding you back?

via WP Central & WMPoweruser

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