Metal-clad, duo-camera sporting HTC W8 to hit Verizon next quarter?

Metal-clad, duo-camera sporting HTC W8 to hit Verizon next quarter?
@evleaks must be having quite the hard-working sources at HTC, because the prolific leaker managed to expose yet another unannounced phone. Surprisingly, it's a Windows Phone, which is something we haven't seen from HTC in quite a while - since late 2012, that is. It's called the HTC W8, and as you can see, it pretty much looks like a HTC One M8 running Microsoft's tile-happy OS. According to @evleaks, the phone will launch on Verizon's network in the US anywhere between July and September. It's not yet known whether the HTC W8 will remain a Verizon exclusive or not.

Allegedly, the HTC W8 is based on an upcoming Android phone by HTC, code-named A9. Reports from Taiwan claim that this is a high-specc'd device with a mid-range price, a combination that sounds quite uncharacteristic for HTC. This phone could be launching very soon, although it's not clear if it will reach the USA. The source claims that the HTC W8 will include the duo-camera functionality and BoomSound stereo speakers, along with the metal body.

source: @evleaks


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