Martha Stewart brings baking lessons to the iPad

Martha Stewart brings baking lessons to the iPad
It's official: the iPad isn't just for gamers and mobile-fanboys any more. Martha Stewart is now offering one of her recipe guides in the form of an iPad app, available now for $7.99.

The app, 'Martha Stewart Bakes Cookies,' brings her homemaking know-how to the average Joe via photos and instructional videos. In addition to telling you how to make the different cookies, it also features built-in timers for each recipe. If you don't know what kind of cookie you want to make, you can mix and match flavors, and the app will tell you the perfect cookie for your craving.

Once you're done baking, the app will teach you how to properly package or store the cookies, and offer tips on attractive presentation. It also includes clip-art templates that you can use to print your own cookie packaging.

Everybody loves cookies, but most of us are too lazy to make anything but those from a tube of cookie dough. Maybe if we approach this app like a cool new videogame, we'll have just the motivation we need.

source: MarthaStewart via IntoMobile

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