Market analyst says it´s all coming up roses for Apple and the iPhone

Market analyst says it´s all coming up roses for Apple and the iPhone
The iPhone has always created a lot of stir and brought people out in droves to get one, but it seems some analysts have gone rather too far. Toni Sacconaghi of Bernstein Research makes for an illustrative example. According to him, Apple will be raking it in, managing to sell over 50mln units yearly until 2011. According to the same fella, the key factors for the successful performance of the company will be the growth of the smartphone market, improved product availability through expansion in the number of carrier offering it and the sales of the handset in China. So far so good, we tend to agree with his opinion, although we believe the expected sales figures have been, erm, slightly rounded up. However, he also claims the Cupertino-based company might be in for even greater success if it manages to take over the prepaid and allowance-free market niches. This seems like quite a long shot indeed, especially in the particular case of Apple. If anything, their products have never been cheap and aimed at people getting along on a shoestring. Sometimes we tend to let our imagination roam free and imagine things like houses full of Apple products freely available for $100 each, but this just goes with the pink sky and violet bunnies playing in the backyard that are also integral in our visions. As a whole, we think the analysis should neither be under-, nor over-estimated, but who knows... Perhaps Toni Sacconaghi will have the last laugh in 2011 indeed.

source: MacDailyNews

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