MTA set to approve Apple's biggest store

MTA set to approve Apple's biggest store
According to the New York Times, later this week the Metropolitan Transit Authority will approve a bid by Apple to turn 15,000 square feet of Grand Central Station into the world's largest Apple store. The area that the Cupertino based firm proposes to use includes a balcony that overlooks the main hall. But while Apple presented its bid in a linen-lined box like the type that you might see at a wedding reception, this is bound to be a rocky and tumultuous combination of two organizations that like to have control.

On one hand, the MTA must approve the materials, design plans and paint colors. Internal documents reveal that the MTA wants signs dark with jewel-toned colors and recommends specific paints like Benjamin Moore’s Georgian Brick. On the other hand, you have an organization like Apple that also likes to do things their own way which should allow for some serious head-butting between the two.

As we reported,  the number of people that pass the location of the proposed store daily would probably make a Grand Central Station Apple Store the most popular location among the manufacturer's retail outlets.

source: NewYorkTimes via BGR



1. AhmadAlsayegh

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2. Heatfan316 unregistered

Good this will give some fanboys an opportunity to work for their favorite company taco,gemini are you interested.

16. The_Miz

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Android fans are just mad because they will never get their own store.

3. luis_lopez_351

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"Fake and ***"-Ray William Johnson

6. Paden

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Whoa. Crazy trollin' up in hurr.

7. jaone unregistered

to both trolls who posted above.. Take a seat, shut your trap and go make jobs his coffee, as you were told to do

9. Tmachaveli

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WTF??? is wrong with these trolls today i think they are a this is what apple fan boys are about ??

12. Heatfan316 unregistered

Very funny Johnny8 or should I say taco50, immature loser

13. Tmachaveli

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man do u know all the bogus sh*t u been saying today its so far out there i cant believe u think what u been saying is true..if u tell me u a dumb azz i can understand that but if not man u got sum issues. u have not said one true fact today..i cant even call u a troll because u dumb as hell..and sum apple users do know what the hell they be taking about do sum dam research boi

14. luis_lopez_351

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Oh my Gawd!!!! phone arena has censored our dirty words :O!!!!

15. Penny

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By the way, guy who is using Angry Fatf-, Johnny, and whatever other aliases, remember this: You are destroying the reputation of Apple fanboys faster than any Android fanboy could ever dream. So much so that I might even guess that you were doing it on purpose, but then that may be giving you too much credit.

18. The_Miz

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Lol @ all the trolling.

20. Adi unregistered

The cultural and moral standard of the iFans. Interesting.

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