"MMS Bomber" virus causing havoc on S60 3rd Edition phones in China

Every now and then we hear about something in the news about how a specific loophole in a mobile platform has been exposed – which then prompts programmers to quickly find a solution for the problem; thus averting further problems from happening. Although its not yet to the same level that plagues desktop computers, there are some virus and other baddies that can find its way onto a phone and cause some serious problems for owners. Some mobile phone owners in China that utilize S60 3rd Edition on their phones are experiencing menacing issues that have been caused by the “MMS Bomber” virus – it mainly affects Samsung and Nokia devices. First discovered in February, it's hidden as an application that starts to sent out URL links to replicate itself via MMS to every contact in your address book. This can cause for some serious consequences to the user especially if this thing is constantly sending messages without your knowing – for some people, it can be costly if they don't have an associated messaging plan on their account. This isn't the minor pesky mobile virus because it bores itself into the phone further by disabling the phone's system management program. Luckily it looks like it has been contained to only users in China as an anti-virus has already been released to prevent further spread of the virus to other markets like Europe.

via Ubergizmo



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