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Location-exclusive filters make surprise appearance in Snapchat


Thinking of creative ways to monetize in an overly competitive messaging app market, Snapchat is 'secretly' experimenting with location-exclusive filters. 

As you can see, users of Snapchat for iOS in New York are getting logos for Brooklyn and Broadway, a dollar shower when near the Financial District, and more have been popping up as we speak.

To enable the new filters, get Snapchat's latest version and go to Settings-> Additional Services -> Manager, and enable Filters. Give the app permission to use your current location and go for a walk in NYC. You might end up surprised a few times.

Snapchat isn't acknowledging, nor denying their existence, but the new filters seem to be popular with the crowd. Users are tweeting about them like they are the future of messaging. 

Perhaps Snapchat will finally start cashing in on its popularity when its location and branded filters catch on with users and brands. On top of that, the service has been growing with in-app instant messaging, video chat, and the group-sharing feature Our Story.
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