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Liveblog: Huawei CES 2013 press conference

Posted: , by Ray S.

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Liveblog: Huawei CES 2013 press conference
Huawei has become quite the name in mobile these days. The Chinese company has always played a critical part in this business by supplying much of the infrastructure needed for cellular networks, but it has recently started to make forays into the devices business. Although they have largely failed to attract enough attention, which is probably due to the fact that they have been focusing on low-cost models, we wouldn't be that surprised to see the mighty Huawei become a much larger force as far as handsets go soon.

We'll be live at Huawei's press conference here at CES 2013, and will bring the news to you as the come out. All you need to do is to take a look at the liveblog below every once in a while.

Stay tuned, as the event will begin at 1PM PT | 3PM CT | 4PM ET | 9PM GMT!

Live event tracker

15:48Pricing is not being discussed.
15:47Huawei is talking with US carriers, but did not name any carrier names.
15:45There was no mention of any Windows Phone device.
15:43Sorry for some of the blurry shots, Mr. Hu is rushing through his slides.
15:42The Ascend D2 is touted as the most powerful smartphone, strong battery, 13MP camera, good build quality,
15:41The UI is called "Emotion UI." 100 online themes, but less is more ideas for the widgets. Also features face-recognition.
15:41The Ascend features stereo recording.
15:39Huawei is aiming squarely at the Samsung Galaxy series of devices.
15:39The batteries charge faster, up to 25% less time compared to Android counterparts.
15:38Automated Discontinuous Reception (ADRX) which helps achieve a 30% power savings.
15:37Now we are going to hear about the power saving controls the Huawei is using.
15:36The Ascend Mate also features a one-handed UI, similar to the Galaxy Note II.
15:35Now we're learning about "magic touch" which allows use of the screen while wearing gloves.
15:32The Ascend Mate has a monster 4050mAh battery!!
15:31Now we're getting into the Ascend Mate, 6.1-inch screen.
15:31The device is built tough, saying that drops on a "rocky road" will not break this new phone.
15:30The Ascend D2 is also dust and water resistant. Mr. Hu just poured water all over his device.
15:29The 3000mAh battery is said to provide 2 days worth of work, a full 48 hours.
15:28Huawei is touting "Super Hands Free," clear two-way talking from as far away as 1.5 meters.
15:27The 13MP camera features an f 2.2 aperture lens
15:26The D2 has a full HD display, 443ppi, 1080x1920.
15:26Mr. Hu stated that the manufacturing process is better than what is done for the iPhone.
15:25The D2 has a metal frame, we are being shown some of the automated manufacturing.
15:23The Ascend D2 has a 116 step manufacturing process.
15:23Huawei is pursuing high-quality control standards, achieved with simple functional design.
15:22The D2 features a curved design, comfortable to hold despite its size.
15:21The reality, we have lots of gadgets...thus the need for an all-in-one.
15:21Being introduced is the Ascend Mate with the largest screen, and the Ascend D2 the "most powerful"
15:20Good battery, high-resolution screen, easy to carry, superior camera...four tenants for an All-in-One
15:17Right now we are getting an overview of Huawei's market position.
15:15We are now joined by Richard Hu, the CEO of Huawei Device Group
15:14That is the Ascend D2.
15:14We are treated to a 5-inch, 13MP device, quad-core 1.5GHz processor, 3000mAh battery...
15:12Here we go, the "power of technology" is beginning...
15:07Okay, we're inside and the Huawei event will be starting in a couple minutes.
14:46Hi folks, we're waiting in line to get into the Huawei press event at CES #CES2013

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posted on 07 Jan 2013, 15:00

1. Muhannad (Posts: 455; Member since: 20 Sep 2011)

I'm really looking forward to some of their high end phones, last year's Ascend D Quad arrived way too late.

posted on 07 Jan 2013, 15:01

2. Basharhd99 (Posts: 95; Member since: 05 Jul 2012)

still waiting

posted on 07 Jan 2013, 15:47

3. MistB (Posts: 581; Member since: 07 Jul 2012)

So the EVLeaks guys were a bunch of liars all along when they said the Ascend mate had a 720p screen res and 3800 MAH battery.

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