Leaked firmware upgrade for the BlackBerry Storm 9530

Leaked firmware upgrade for the BlackBerry Storm 9530
Since Verizon sent out its last official firmware upgrade for the BlackBerry Storm 9530, the unofficial software that used to leak every weekend has stopped cold. That is, until now. A Chinese web site has posted a leaked build, OS, for the Storm 9530. Like we did during the good old days, we stress that because this is not coming from Verizon, bad things can happen if you decide to upgrade your phone with this download. You could actually brick your device and lose your warranty, so take this warning into consideration. If you do go ahead and upgrade your phone, let us know if the 5.0 OS handle brings many changes to the Storm. We reported about tabbed browsing being available with the new build, so right off the bat, that is one item we are anxiously awaiting information about. Ahhh....it feels just like the old days before Big Red finally sent out the current build,

To get the new OS for the BlackBerry Storm 9530, visit the source link. Be aware that because the 5.0 OS build is not official yet, some of your apps may not work with the new version.

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source: Crackberry

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