Latest patent images reveal what a Microsoft foldable tablet could look like


The latest images related to patents filed by Microsoft for a foldable tablet reveal that the device will be closer to the size of a smartphone than a slate. As you can see from the schematics that accompany this story, a complex series of hinges allows the tablet to offer three configurations; at 0 degrees, the tablet is closed. At 180 degrees, the device is flat open, and at 360 degrees, it is fully open.

When in the 180-degree configuration, the inside screens show a single user interface. In the other configurations, each screen will display its own interface. When opened in the 180 degree configuration, the use of magnets will allow the display to have a seamless look.

Speculation has the device running on Windows 10, although there is a chance that this product never sees the light of day. Interestingly, Microsoft featured a similar foldable tablet in a 2009 video it produced about the future of productivity. Check it out by clicking on the video at the top of the story. And click on the slideshow to see images enclosed with Microsoft's various patents pertaining to a foldable tablet.

source: OfficeVideos via  MSPoweruser
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