Latest list of rumored specs for the HTC M8 includes name of the device

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Latest list of rumored specs for the HTC M8 includes name of the device
Earlier this morning,we passed along some information about the eagerly awaited HTC M8 aka the HTC One 2. A tweet from the usually reliable evleaks gave us a bucketful o' specs including the 5 inch screen (remember, the HTC One is merely 4.7 inches), the 1080 x 1920 FHD glass, and the inclusion of Android 4.4 and Sense 6.0 amongst some other numbers.

Now comes a newer, fresher, more complete list of rumored specs for the phone from an XDA member who goes by the moniker of Mike1986. He is a recognized developer and contributor to XDA and his information has the sequel to the HTC One being called (hold on to your seats, folks) the HTC One+. Wow. Let's hope that Robert Downey Jr. didn't come up with that name.

The problem with using HTC One+ is that it could be a bit confusing since HTC did offer the HTC One X+. Secondly, merely adding a plus sign to the HTC One name would indicate something less than a genuine sequel. It would make the HTC M8 seem more like an enhanced HTC One, and if that was the case the Taiwan manufacturer could have given it a code name of M7.5. If the name of the phone turns out to be HTC One+, the naming of its new flagship would be a microcosm for everything that has gone wrong for HTC over the last few years.

As far as specs are concerned, in the words of the late Paul Harvey, Mike1986 delivers the rest of the story. His information does confirm some of the numbers tweeted by evleaks such as the screen size and resolution. But the XDA member tells us that the 5 inch 1080 x 1920 screen will be made of Gorilla Glass 3. He also confirms that the Snapdragon 805 will be under the hood, and that 2GB of RAM will be on board. According to Mike1986, the UltraPixel snapper that evleaks mentioned will be a 6MP or 8MP camera, possibly with a double lens.

The rest of the specs from the XDA member include software buttons for the handset, a 2900mAh battery, 2.1MP front-facing shooter, Android 4.4 and Sense 6 installed, support for NFC and a micro-SIM tray. And yes, the HTC M8 One+ will be equipped with a microSD slot if the information pans out.

We urge you to be cynical, skeptical and keep that grain of salt handy for this story. While these specs certainly seem plausible, you should know by now that nothing is official until we hear it from HTC.

source: XDA via AndroidAuthority


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