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Latest Uber update lets you use people as destinations

Uber did a complete overhaul of its application in November and it turns out the company isn't quite finished with the renovation process. Users of the popular transportation service are receiving one last update before the end of the year which does include a couple of interesting features.

You can now order a ride directly to a person from your contacts list. In order to do this, the app needs to gain access and sync with your contacts. From there on, any name on the list will appear in the "Where to?" section of the app and the selected person will receive a current static location request from Uber. The request will come in the form of a push notification or a text message, which depends on whether the individual has the app installed or not. After obtaining permission, Uber will set their location as a destination and you can travel directly to them. 

Some people might get concerned over the whole location request thing, but the service does provide the option to decline such inquiries. For added convenience, Uber will send an ETA to the person you're travelling to.

The other new feature is intended for Snapchat users. It unlocks custom filters on Snapchat that are only available while you are riding in a Uber vehicle. The filters are three in total – there is a standard Uber filter, a filter that displays your ETA and a mystery filter "for an added surprise". All three can be combined with any other lenses featured on the image messaging app. 

These updates indicate that Uber is looking to differentiate its services even more from that of standard taxis or simmilar apps such as Lyft. The company's ambitions for the implementation of self-driving cars can also benefit from such additions, as autonomous vehicles don't have the ability to improvise with drop-offs the way a human driver can.

source: Uber via The Verge
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