LG's octa-core chip gets benchmarked; score is consistant with a big.LITTLE architecture

LG's octa-core chip gets benchmarked; score is consistant with a big.LITTLE architecture
The rumored sequel to the LG G2, dubbed the LG G3 for now, will allegedly be powered by a home grown octa-core chip code named the LG Odin. The AnTuTu benchmark site has recently had an unnamed device running the LG Odin go through its benchmark test. Considering that the LG chip scored in the same range as the Samsung Exynos 5410, we can speculate that the LG Odin is not a true octa-core processor, but uses the same big.LITTLE architecture found on the Exynos 5410. This means that unlike the MT6592 from MediaTek, which allows all 8 cores to be used at once, the LG Odin will have only one group of 4 cores in use at one time. One set of 4 cores handles the heavy lifting, while the other handles light housekeeping.

Interestingly, the LG Odin was clocked at a very slow speed (100MHz-1GHz), so LG's chip might produce good results without needing to turn up the clock speed. However, there is a good chance that we will see a bump up in speed, especially since the device tested was a prototype. We should point out that the GPU on the LG SoC is the new Power VR Series 6. That is the same series that runs the graphics on the Apple iPhone 5s, which is equipped with the G6430 GPU. This means that LG's SoC should offer outstanding graphics performance.

According to the AnTuTu site, the device that ran the benchmark test screen featured a resolution of 1080 x 1920 with 2GB of RAM, 4GB of native storage and Android 4.2.2 pre-installed. Don't panic, the device is just a prototype after all. 

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source: GforGames




Posts: 99; Member since: Nov 28, 2013

Keep your Moto.


Posts: 99; Member since: Nov 28, 2013

Way to early. Selling my G2. Not playing the keeping up game. Will stick with Samsung. Too bad LG is getting carried away with its new found fame and now messing it up by releasing new product when the G2 is doing great. They will eventually join the failing Apple who should be pretty much history by the end of this year.

30. OpTiMuS_BlAcK

Posts: 418; Member since: May 04, 2012

Yes! They're finally using PowerVR on a high-end phone~!

29. sarge77

Posts: 202; Member since: Mar 14, 2013

lets go lg be the first to bring octo core to US oh dont forget the sd card for your new years resolution add them to your devices this year

26. JerryTime

Posts: 468; Member since: Nov 09, 2013

This is making me want a G3 more and more. Sorry Moto, but I think I'm about to waive bye bye.

16. Ezio2000

Posts: 14; Member since: Dec 11, 2013

If lg overclock it to 2 GHz it can beat even s805 plus it is a prototype then results are lower than the final version

13. livyatan

Posts: 867; Member since: Jun 19, 2013

The reasoning behind the conclusion that this is not a true 8 core is ridiculous. It scores around the same as Samsung's octa, but at only 1Ghz!!

21. R-vjn

Posts: 301; Member since: Jan 07, 2013


9. pwnarena

Posts: 1129; Member since: Feb 15, 2013

just noticed LG's nomenclature seems to be patterned after the xperia's. even the odin code name for a flagship is similar. they should stop this. they appear like the copy cat even when their devices are at par or even better than sony's.

10. Ashoaib

Posts: 3309; Member since: Nov 15, 2013

Copy cat of sony or samsung? They are trying to walk on a foot prints of samsung... see lg G2 it copies all the features of S4 n note, well I dont call it a copy, it is called a competition, what competitor is bring, bring the same... this is called competition not copy otherwise coke n pepsi would be the largest copies

25. Jishnusur

Posts: 176; Member since: Oct 07, 2013

OH MY DEAR Friend! Are you out of your head? S4 has nothing to copy first of all.. and what from Note 3? you are freaked out because you are a samsung fanboy and you are scared mate which you should be.

7. Arman

Posts: 47; Member since: Jul 08, 2013

100MB?? edit plz.. 100MHz

6. Teja171 unregistered

Haha, no 2k display.

5. Furbal unregistered

how about 4 a15 cores and 4 co-processors

4. mittalmailbox

Posts: 52; Member since: Feb 14, 2012

is it cortex a15 or cortex a53

8. Napalm_3nema

Posts: 2236; Member since: Jun 14, 2013

Good question. I'm not really interested if it is an A15/A7 big.LITTLE, but it seems unlikely it is A57/A53 big.LITTLE. I love my G2, and I liked the OG a lot, However, if the iPhone 6 rolls with anything close to a 5" screen, and keeps up the improvements to the A-series chips, LG is going to have to wow me to get me to repeat.

28. Berzerk000

Posts: 4275; Member since: Jun 26, 2011

It scored a little higher than the Exynos 5 Octa (5410) at 1 GHz. I'm pretty sure it's using A57/A53 big.Little.

12. dratomic

Posts: 483; Member since: Oct 09, 2013

i think its the a53. look at the 27k score achieved with only 1ghz speed

3. Topcat488

Posts: 1424; Member since: Sep 29, 2012

Sorry i'm not going for that octa core baloney anymore.

2. apple4never

Posts: 1064; Member since: May 08, 2013

are you guys using a different antutu from what im using cuz i don't see all of that

1. mr.techdude

Posts: 571; Member since: Nov 19, 2012

Quad is enough


Posts: 399; Member since: Nov 09, 2013

Amen! Chipset manufacturers need to focus on improving quad core cpus instead of adding more and more cores. Whats next? 16 cores?! Pointless!

18. _Bone_

Posts: 2155; Member since: Oct 29, 2012

Wow, ppl. still don't get the point of Octa-cores.

20. tech2

Posts: 3487; Member since: Oct 26, 2012

Did you even read the article ? Have you any idea about how big.LITTLE architecture works ?

22. xfire99

Posts: 1207; Member since: Mar 14, 2012

Do u even know the benefits difference betweens singel/dual/quad/octa cores? Go search for it before u say its pointless. Its just not about perfomance with more cores.


Posts: 399; Member since: Nov 09, 2013

So may be thats why snapdragon 800 (quad core) is better than exynos 5420 right?

31. xfire99

Posts: 1207; Member since: Mar 14, 2012

Krait 400 running at 2,3 Ghz and 5420 1,9 Ghz. Perfomance is equal and u still havent understand the benefits about what more cores can do. Im talking about benefits and not perfomance.

23. Berzerk000

Posts: 4275; Member since: Jun 26, 2011

Did you not read the article? This isn't a true octa core CPU, it's using big.Little like Samsung's Exynos 5 Octa chips do. I assume you know how big.Little works. Also, considering this is clocked at 1 GHz and scores similarly to the Exynos 5410 ( which has a 1.6 GHz quad core A15 CPU), this is probably using the Cortex A57/A53 set up of big.Little, which means these are very much improved quad core CPUs, just like you asked for.

14. XaErO

Posts: 353; Member since: Sep 25, 2012

I agree !! .. Quad core should be the one where manufactures need to focus to improve its performance and efficiency. Although I'm impressed to see low clock frequency achieving an impressive score which i guess will be easy on battery and practically good in day-to-day life.

15. kimLWR

Posts: 6; Member since: Dec 10, 2013

AGREE MUCH. why they don't focus on bigger battery capacity while keeping it thin.

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