LG LifeGram hands-on

LG LifeGram hands-on
Whenever we see some sort of watch-like contraption tethered along with a smartphone, our curiosity will perk just a bit simply because it’s not every day we find some cool looking cell phone related accessory. Strolling through LG’s massive booth at CTIA 2011 E&A in San Diego, we managed to check out an upcoming new toy that works in tandem with an Android smartphone. Known as the LG LifeGram, it’s a watch-like contraption that doubles as a personal trainer.

Initially, we believed it to be none other than some kind of watch phone, but after a quick demo, it’s simply nothing more than a diagnostic apparatus that pairs with an Android smartphone to provide relevant fitness details – but to tell you the truth, it’s a pedometer at heart.

Looking at it, the LG LifeGram appears to utilize an OLED display of some sort. In addition to displaying the obvious time, it can also provide details like the amount of distance you’ve walked and calories burned during your workout. With the aid of an upcoming Android app, which wasn’t in functional form during the demonstration, it’s expected to further expand the results to better track the user’s fitness level.

Running a quick online search, the web site Trademarkia mentions that the LifeGram is the following:

So far, there’s no word on when it’ll become available or pricing since it’s still in the process of being developed. However, we’re told that it might be launched sometime in Q2 2012.

source: Trademarkia

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