LG G3 owners complain about cracks through the microphone opening

LG G3 owners complain about cracks through the microphone opening
A problem with the build quality of the LG G3 is beginning to show up globally. Cracks are appearing by the microphone opening, from the top to the bottom. Some T-Mobile customers with the phone are making the same complaints, adding that there are difficulties inserting a jack into the microUSB port. Some feel that by trying to force a microUSB jack into the port, the cracks are being formed in the plastic casing.

In Hong Kong, an entire forum thread has been devoted to the problem. So far, there has been no word from LG about the matter. Pictures from LG G3 owners with this issue, all show the same problem, with the same thin crack running through the microphone opening.

If you own the LG G3, has this crack appeared on your unit? Did you attempt to return the phone for a non-damaged model? As news of this flaw starts to spread, LG is going to have to come up with a way to save face, and to also make sure that those with a cracked handset receive a new unit.

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source: GSMDome

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77. Mooriin

Posts: 1; Member since: Jun 01, 2015

I love my g3 phone. But this crack really bothers me because I take such good care of my gadgets and I don't think I deserve to have this crack since I never dropped it from day 1.

76. Ness7386

Posts: 1; Member since: Jan 14, 2015

I purchased my G3 in July 2014. I noticed the cracks in Sept/Oct so I started reaching out to T-Mobile and LG. After several calls to LG USA Mobile, finally on 11/27/14, received a RA# to return my phone for repair/replacement due to the cracks on the top near the IR blaster and on the bottom near the mic. On 12/18/14 I received another damaged phone! I called LG immediately and received a claim#. I was told to wait to hear from LG with instructions on how to return the damaged replacement phone. I never received a call or email. On 12/30/14 at 7:30am I received a call from FedEx saying they were coming to my house to pickup an LG phone for return to shipper. LG received the damaged replacement on 1/2/15, but I'm still waiting to receive another replacement. LG told me that I have to wait 10-15 business days for the claim process to be complete. I send emails weekly & I called LG twice today to check the status of the senseless claim (Fedex didn't break this phone) I believe it shipped from LG already damaged. The 1st person I talked to read the notes on my situation and promissed to call me back in 2 hours. Four hours later with no call back from LG USA Mobile, I made a 2nd call to LG. This call ended with no update on the claim. I was told that my situation has been escaleted to a higher department and that I should wait to hear back from them. When she couldn't tell me when to expect a call back, I simeply told her i would call them back in a couple day. This is the worst customer service I have ever encountered from an electronics manufacturer! I even called T-Mobile to see if there was anything they can do to help speed up this process, but they couldn't help me either. This is horrible. I continue to make monthly payments on a phone that I cannot even use Thanks LG USA Mobile

74. LGG3AlpineWhite

Posts: 1; Member since: Jan 09, 2015

My phone was bought in Sept 2014, cased and zagged since day one and haven’t dropped it even once. Today I noticed 2 hairline cracks, one EXACTLY where the crack is in the above picture and one on the top of the phone going through the infrared port. Being that others are having virtually identical problems, I think the logical conclusion is there exists a design defect or engineering/manufacturing flaw. I contacted LG today (9 Jan 2015) and will see what they’re willing to do. I truly think they should provide a brand new device… this cost me $600-700 unsubsidized which is a decent chunk of change. if a corporation can’t provide quality products that won’t spontaneously develop problems in a short amount of time- then they should be on the hook to replace to the customers satisfaction.

75. namelessxsilent

Posts: 26; Member since: Jul 22, 2014

I contacted them awhile ago when this happened to me. If its under warranty (you have 1 year) they will replace it, but you have to send them your phone. So you will be without a phone for 5-7 business days after they get it so count on 2 weeks without a phone. I never did anything about it because I don't want to go through that hassle. If had the crack for months and it does not harm and the crack does not spread.

73. oznjerz

Posts: 2; Member since: Jan 02, 2015

Now I see the same issue right above my comment.

72. oznjerz

Posts: 2; Member since: Jan 02, 2015

I have had difficulty plugging in the usb. Then annoyance of mic not working on speakerphone setting. Had other issues and have a warranty exchange. The other day I noticed a crack across the bezel on the mic. I am also unlucky enough to have a mirror image crack across the IRDA. Will need a lot of back up should warranty for D850 silk white see "Physical Damage" which would add an additional $600 to my bill next month. Haven't read every post but wondering if anyone has a phone with mic and irda area bezel cracks.

69. matwin

Posts: 3; Member since: Nov 26, 2014

I have a crack on the bottom thru the micophone hole and on the top where the IR is. Not impressed, Never been dropped!

68. redegan82

Posts: 1; Member since: Sep 13, 2014

My white LG G3 has this issue it has a crack straight through the bottom microphone onto the casing and also there is a tiny crack appearing on the top microphone as well. I have sent a support email to LG to see if they will repair or replace the handset as only had this phone 3 months and signed up for a 2 year contract with it so want this issue sorting otherwise will move to another phone company

67. Anonn

Posts: 230; Member since: Jun 04, 2014

Cheap LG quality. Cheap, inexperienced LG manufacturing. LG = Lousy Goofy

66. chemhaz

Posts: 161; Member since: May 04, 2012

Had a similar problem with some Galaxy S3's I owned... the S3 cracked at all the thinnest parts of the bezel, near the power and volume buttons, head phone jack, the mic and along the micro usb port. One had about four fine hairline marks due to poor design or materials and no drop was required for the cracks to appear.

64. Tavtazani

Posts: 2; Member since: Aug 22, 2014

UPDATE: I just went to LG Service Center in Jakarta this morning, and they agreed to replace my phone case with a new one free of charge but I have to wait 1 week because there no spareparts available in their warehouse so they have to order it first. Until now I'm still waiting for LG Indonesia official statement regarding this issue, what caused it and what others need to do with their LG G3.

62. nateatlarge

Posts: 30; Member since: Aug 28, 2012

I love my LG G3. Only issues I have had is the ear speaker go out and I also having issues with my charging port.

59. JadeMoon

Posts: 145; Member since: Aug 12, 2012

Put it in a case people! Mine is still fine. I NEVER use it without a case. Take care of your equipment and things wont break. Simple as that.

65. Gazeebo

Posts: 7; Member since: Aug 02, 2014

Yep, I bought a case and put it on even before I removed the plastic on the screen...I had to remove it to remove the plastic hahaha but it's been on a cover always.

58. Gazeebo

Posts: 7; Member since: Aug 02, 2014

Mine is still 100% in condition, I did noticed that in order to put the USB to charge the first time it was pretty tough, after that it's way easier.

56. Tavtazani

Posts: 2; Member since: Aug 22, 2014

Hey you dont mention indonesian user? Most of the picture supplied are coming from indonesian user including me who also shot the video, I sent the picture and video to gsmdome.com and they mention that this cracked issue not only happened in hongkong but Indonesia, we also have a thread that discussed this issue in Kaskus, our local forum (sorry cant insert the url) So please if you want to quote the news please make sure that you dont loose the essential. Because we really need the exposure since here in Indonesia, LG Indonesia won't make any statement yet and so far they refuse to be responsible for the crack.

57. 0xFFFF

Posts: 3806; Member since: Apr 16, 2014

Because... plastic is weaker in Indonesia due to mysterious forces? Please explain why this phenomenon is occurring. Is it related to the airplane crash?

71. matwin

Posts: 3; Member since: Nov 26, 2014

lg has admitted it is linked to a certain batch. Why do people comment on issues they know NOTHING about?!

54. Crossland22

Posts: 1; Member since: Aug 22, 2014

for the USB issue. you only have to insert the cable a bit downward, and you are done! sorry if my english is not perfect! I´m not an english native speaker!

52. NateAdam8

Posts: 440; Member since: Feb 17, 2012

Complaints are always going to be made about something somebody enjoys and most the time when something breaks it's a USER ERROR.

50. namelessxsilent

Posts: 26; Member since: Jul 22, 2014

I've had the phone since day one and I dont have this issue. I do agree with the post though that sometimes it feels difficult to plug in the micro usb to charge the phone.

48. AFnerdTP unregistered

seeing as the problem is somewhat prevalent, i wouldn't doubt that the parts they used may be fragile. with that said, i haven't noticed any defects on mine. as far as the microUSB port, it does have a weird angle to it that you have to be careful not to forcefully insert your cable. this has been an annoying point for me, but i only charge once a day and i'd rather be careful than see it damaged. no big deal really.. just take your of phone.

45. ZeeNasir

Posts: 131; Member since: Nov 25, 2012

its not issue with build quality, but its with user handling. In the video you can see its been used for a good period of time. May be a tactic to hurt LG sales :)

44. naittosan

Posts: 243; Member since: Jun 28, 2014

Anyway you look at it this is not the kind of PR LG needs.

42. fireblade

Posts: 717; Member since: Dec 27, 2013

meh... expensive phone built with cheap plastic

32. mitoita

Posts: 77; Member since: Apr 03, 2014

i have an lg G3 32 gb since 15 may and i dont have this proble.....mby iff you drop th phone the plastik will crack..

25. PersianHobo

Posts: 73; Member since: Sep 29, 2012

the same thing happened with plenty of galaxy s 3's, so people need to chill and take care of their phones.

24. PDXMatt

Posts: 45; Member since: Feb 26, 2007

How are we to know if these phones have been dropped or not? 2-3 complaints doesn't make for a "known issue."

23. hamza14860

Posts: 20; Member since: Sep 30, 2013

Hey guys help me decide whether to buy HTC one m8 or LG g3 :)

30. StraightEdgeNexus

Posts: 3689; Member since: Feb 14, 2014

Neither, but if you've only two choices I would go for One m8

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