LG Flutter concept is recognized at the "Design the Future" competition

LG Flutter concept is recognized at the
If only there was a practical way of manufacturing the many concept phones out there created by individuals whose imaginations can some times skim the fine lines of reality. Still, that doesn't stop any of us from imagining the possibilities as we're greeted to yet another stellar designed phone. Being recognized at the 3rd LG “Design the Future” competition hosted by Korean manufacturer, the team behind the LG “Flutter” phone reigned supreme and was awarded $20,000. You can clearly gather its association with flowers, but this concept does make you wonder if we'll ever see something like it in the real world. The candy-bar style handset opens up or blossoms when you press down the LG logo and reveals what looks to be a touchscreen running LG's S-Class UI. Sure we've been graced with stylish and interesting looking handsets out of Vertu's camp, but there is just something about this handset that makes you wish that some company actually goes ahead to produce it.

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You don't, it talks to you...

9. paps511

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you dont even talk, it sends the messages straight into your brain

4. remixfa

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i was wondering the same thing bigred..lol

6. Phullofphil

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like a concept car it will probably happen but features from it i bet will be incorporated into future phones

7. jrcrow79

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meh..whatever...if you thought cars that park themselves is news...its been around since the 1950's in america

8. arqjav

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Eyyy that thing is about to attack the Enterprise. How are you suppose to talk to some one when the phone is open, I'm pretty sure is got to have a front facing camera if it does is okay I'll still don't buy the have circular screen.

10. sensei_phns

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This is what a drunk post looks like, come this guy has to have friends that will log him out of his phone sites/blogs before he busts out the zima

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